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Top 6 stretches / exercises for low back / disc pain

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

these movements can help relieve pain in your back related to a hot / herniated / bulged disc
follow along to help [ *remember - not direct medical advice - don’t perform if painful or re-creating symptoms ] so that you can move + dance pain free + avoid doing any more damage
1. full spine lengthening with the use of a chair [ full spine decompression to help take pressure off your lumbar discs / nerve roots ]
2. spine lengthening with side body stretching [ stretch your paraspinals - the muscles along your spine that are extra tight when they’re trying to protect for pain related to your disc pain ]
3. cat / cow [ full spine flexion / extension to create fluid imbibition through your spinal discs ]
4. seated piriformis stretch [ muscle attached to your pelvis / SI joint that sits just above the nerve / sciatic bundle - stretching this can relieve pressure on the nerve bundle + in your low back disc region ]
5. kneeling iliopsoas stretch [ this muscle is attached to both your pelvis + everything lumbar vertebrae in your spine - stretching this will greatly contribute to spinal movement / decompression / relief on your spinal discs ]
6. cobra [ this maneuver - with belly relaxed on the ground - will allow your discs to move into a neutral position thus taking pressure off your spinal nerves ]


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