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Why Chiropractic When Your Baby is Learning to Walk

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Walking seems simple--we conquer this milestone at whopping 7-15 months old and don't give much thought to it after the fact. But walking involves your pelvis moving about all 3 axes not only for efficient locomotion, but also to keep our weight centered and balanced. 

The animation below is a little insight for just how much work your pelvis has to accomplish.

As we transition from crawling to walking during infancy, our alignment and anatomy changes as well. Specifically when infants learn to crawl, and eventually stand, they develop a strong lordotic curve within their lumbar spine. LORDOTIC = EXTENSION.

As children learn to walk, they fall around 25 times per day. Those falls can cause repetitive misalignments of the pelvis and lower extremities making this task even more difficult for them. A misaligned pelvis can lead to more falls for the child and may even cause the child to waddle or walk with a slight, barely noticeable limp.

Tumbles during childhood are inevitable. And with them comes muscle tension and tightness along with spinal imbalances.  A pediatric chiropractor is trained to evaluate these changes in a child's locomotion - but more importantly they are able to address the issue. With adjustments we are able to correct the misalignments in the spine and pelvis allowing for optimal spinal growth and development.


We accomplish this in our clinic using manual adjustments and a tool called an Activator. Although there are variable differences between the two techniques, both have been shown to have similar statistical significance with positive patient outcomes. The Activator is a nice tool for infants and children who may be fearful of the "cracking" noise that can sometimes occur with joint movement. From our view, our patients' individual preferences are what matter most!

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