We know that you don’t have time to spend half a day on a chiropractic appointment. This is why we have designed Chiro For Moms to be the most efficient clinic on the planet.

Ever wonder why your medical appointments always start late?

This happens because most medical professionals just treat patients whenever they show up. This continuously pushes back appointment times as the day goes on. The patients who are on time are punished in this system.

What does Chiro For Moms do differently?

All appointments start on time no matter what. We reward you schedule-following star patients with the ability to be in and out of a medical clinic in 15 minutes.

But we also understand that between work, kids, traffic, snowstorms and all the other craziness that life throws at you that things can happen. If you are late or miss an appointment, no big deal, you just hop online and pick the next appointment that works for your schedule. Your unfulfilled appointment will be refunded when your new appointment is booked. Often times you will find one same day that will still work.


Cost: $55.00

Payment methods include all major credit cards ONLY*. 

*We are an individual payment practice. We are not in network for any health insurance providers.