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Scheduling KIDZ appointments


  • Select Dr. Paige PEDIATRICS / Dr. Kayla PEDIATRICS / Dr. Mariah PEDIATRICS to schedule a pediatric NEW patient appointment for the time you'd like your child to be seen - 
  • Choose the option to request the appointment for someone else. You will then enter your information and the minor's information. You will receive intake paperwork after the appointment is confirmed.


EXISTING PATIENTS - Wanting to set up a NEW child

  • Select a NEW PATIENT pediatric appointment under your client portal account with Dr. Kayla or Dr. Paige
  • Email with your child's full name so we can add them into your client portal - we will switch the appointment over to their name. You will then have access to their portal for future scheduling


After scheduling a kidz appointment - check your email for new patient paperwork to fill out. 

KIDZ Pricing + Appointment Options -

$125 - New Patient - Kidz Chiropractic Treatment + Craniosacral ( 30 min )

$75 - Existing Patient - Kidz Chiropractic Treatment + Craniosacral ( 20 min )

$50 - Existing Patient - Kidz Chiropractic Treatment + stretches ( 10 min )


How do I know which appointment will be best for my child?

The 10 minute chiropractic treatment + stretches appointment is best for a child NOT presenting with any of the symptoms below:

-feeding/digestion issues, sleep issues, torticollis, flat spots, tongue/lip ties

The 20 minute chiropractic treatment + craniosacral therapy appointment is best for the conditions listed above in bold print.

What is craniosacral therapy [CST]?

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle technique that uses light touch to to evaluate and enhance the functioning of the craniosacral system [ the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid surrounding and protecting the brain + spinal cord ]. This relieves tightness and tension in the soft tissue and bones surrounding the brain and the spinal cord. CST also  aids in the adjustment and allows the adjustment to hold for longer periods of time.