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pregnancy care

Benefits of chiropractic care during your pregnancy include:

- better positioning for baby during pregnancy + delivery
- less pain + discomfort during pregnancy
- faster healing after delivery during your postpartum care

-Certified in the Webster Technique-

WEBSTER TECHNIQUE is included in our treatments for those booking during pregnancy.

When should I come in postpartum / following delivery?

There is nothing better than that first adjustment postpartum.  So much shifts during labor + delivery.  Not to mention the exhaustion on your body + nervous system!

The best answer - is in that 2-4 week timeframe following delivery [ so, within the first month ]. We prefer that you rest - be horizontal with your babe(s) - for the first 2 weeks if possible. 

If you’re in a ton of pain - with complaints like : severe tailbone pain, torticollis, pubic symphysis or something related to the biomechanics of your body - email us to ask specifics + we will advise you accordingly.