TMJ / Jaw Pain Relief

 Jaw Pain Relief
Find TMJ/jaw pain relief! Jaw pain can stem from many issues. In order to relief pain, we use different techniques that target common problem areas for people who suffer from jaw pain. Watch the video and read more below!

Relief for Jaw Pain:

About the Jaw/TMJ:

About the jaw, or TMJ (temporomandibular joint). This joint is a hinge joint that connects the jawbone to the skull. Those with TMJ issues and jaw pain often grind their teeth at night. However, TMJ pain can stem from a variety of causes. It is common that TMJ dysfunction triggers headaches and migraines. Just like any other part of the body we can work the muscle tissues surrounding the joint as well as the joint itself to find pain relief!

Massage Techniques for Jaw Pain: 

Massaging the temporalis and masseter muscles on temples and cheeks is a great way to effectively relax this joint. They are important muscles for jaw pain relief as they are the main movers of this joint. When massaging, you can use a good amount of pressure and add in jaw movements. 

Internal Techniques for TMJ Pain:

Part of this work can be inside the mouth. This massage technique works on the masseter muscle, one of the key jaw movers. One hand will contact the masseter muscle located on the outside. The other hand goes inside the mouth to pin the jaw's joint space. Once you find the correct contact points, you can massage by tractioning downward. This mobilizes and creates space within the joint.
We repeat this 3 times, taking breaks in between, then perform the same technique on the other side.

Jaw Adjustment for Pain Relief:

The final piece for us as chiropractors is to adjust the jaw itself. You will see that we have the the patient contract then relax their jaw by biting gently into our thumbs. This allows us to deliver a quick adjustment, which opened the joint space. If that doesn't serve the patient, we can also use a tool called an "Activator." We can adjust through the TMJ the same way using this device.
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