Dr. Jesse Lillejord

Meet Dr. Jesse Lillejord, the founder of CHIRO FOR MOMS + CHIRO FOR KIDZ + one of our women's specialists.

She is the bleeding heart of our team and the sticky glue that keeps us all together.

She is a mother of two girls + married to a man she met in high school [ though they had a ten year hiatus … a story for another day ]. Her last name - Lillejord - means “little farm” - which is fitting because she lives on a farm with four ducks + three cats + potentially a llama in the future.  

She + her family spend their time gardening, bon-firing, and prospecting the land.  Her life runs on coffee, she loves to dance, she is currently straightening her teeth with Invisalign, and you might catch her painting / renovating / building something [ with her mighty power tools ] on her days off.


Dr. Jess Roth

Meet Dr. Jess!

A women's + pediatric chiro specialist +

She is known as Magic Hands in the clinic because she was a massage therapist for years before moving to the states to become a Chiropractor!

Dr. Jess is a certified lactation professional. She combines bodywork with lactation to support mom + baby together.

Jess grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada in an itty bitty farming town. She loves everything outdoors [ camping / hiking / paddle boarding / cross country skiing ]! She is recently married, and has two dogs, Flynn + Ryder.


Dr. Abby Beedle

Meet Abby!

She is a women's and pediatric specialist. She discovered chiropractic care through a dance injury when she was younger - which led to an interest in her future career.

She is an early riser teaching fitness classes before heading into the clinic. You can find her on auntie duty or spending time outdoors in any way she can - even in the winter!

If you see her dancing around the clinic - think nothing of it - we tend to do that around here.



Dr. Elissa Cohen

Our pelvic floor Physical Therapist. She started practicing pelvic floor Physical Therapy after Dr. Jesse convinced her to combine her love of women’s health and Physical Therapy and it ignited a passion in her that changed her career forever.

She is also a mom to two boys that have been a complete blessing to her life. This transition to being a mom has also informed how she treats patients as entering into motherhood is such a special and tender time in a woman's life.

She was a collegiate swimmer and so has always been active and athletic but now that looks more like camping in the pop up with her husband and kids, running, biking and being outdoors in the summer, and cold swimming in the winter. She has also recently been dabbling in baking with sourdough and loving sharing the fruits of her labor with family and friends!


Stefanie Hawkinson

Meet Stefanie, our team manager [or…the boss]! She's been a part of the clinic since the start.

She loves all things numbers + spreadsheets + organization! She is our go to gal for anything in the office!

She loves Costco date nights with her hubby - a PE teacher who keeps her very active. She is also a mama of 2 amazing children.


Addy Greimel

Meet Addy - our office specialist.

She loves a good book + loves spending time with her family! Roadtrips are a must and they love hiking + biking + and a good picnic.

She is an early childhood teacher taking a short break to have more time with her family - so when we were looking to add to our team she was thrilled to join us!