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women and children

Our doctors specialize in treating women, mothers and children.

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webster + craniosacral

Specialized techniques performed during prenatal + pediatric adjustments

don't miss our exclusive prenatal + postpartum + pediatric home techniques for the most common pain conditions

EXPERT prenatal + postpartum + pediatric resources!

+ pain relieving home techniques
+ discussions with 8+ health professionals
+ yoga routines for common pain conditions

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what people are saying about this course

I loved the education approach to HOW your body works followed up by easy and practical solutions/guidance. The entire course was easy to understand and navigate. I recommend it to anyone at any point in their pregnancy journey.

The courses are short enough to fit in to my life even with two little ones home and working, but still long enough to be effective. Especially in the age of quarantine when getting this help in person isn't a good option...

chiro stretches + exercises

We've made 100s of stretching videos that allow you to alleviate pain from anywhere.

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Dr. Jesse

Early in her chiropractic career, Dr. Jesse realized that treating women and children was her passion.

She set out to design a clinic experience that addressed both womens’ unique physical needs and their busy schedules. CHIRO FOR MOMS is the result of that vision.

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