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Webster Technique for Pregnancy

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Webster technique for pregnancy is a Chiropractic specific technique that helps to optimize your pelvic position in prep for labor and delivery!

Why This is Important During Pregnancy:

Throughout your pregnancy, your body is changing in many different ways. During the first few weeks the relaxin hormone is kicking in making everything more flexible. This allows the pelvis to "loosen" up in prep for labor and delivery. Therefore, this process of growing your little one can cause your pelvis to shift, and can cause tension in the front and the back of your pelvis! Webster technique is designed to prep the pelvis for labor and delivery by neurtralizing the tension in the areas surrounding the womb therefore creating optimal positioning for you and babe!

Is Your Baby Breech?

 Since we are working on balancing the pelvis, we create more room for babe by working on the pelvis and soft tissues to have enough space in the womb to natually do what babe wants to do - which is be head down. Therefore, sometimes you will hear about this technique "flipping a breech baby."

What We Are Working On:

Sacrotuberous Ligament

Sacrum [ bony part of the pelvis - on the back side ]

Iliopsoas muscle

Round Ligament

Pubic Symphysis [ bony part of the pelvis - on the front side ]

More on Webster Technique and Pregnancy:

If you would like more information about the webster technique: Check out the ICPA WEBSITE!

Our general guideline of how often we want to see you during pregnancy totally depends on the person. Here is how often we recommend to optimize positioning for you and babe!

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