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Webster Technique

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Webster Technique: 
Webster Technique is a way to neutralize the pelvis in preparation for delivery. So during pregnancy, all of the bones in your pelvis are shifting and that creates tension in the front as well as the back. 
What we do here in the office is using this special technique to neutralize these structures so that baby can turn into a head down position which is the way they want to be naturally.
The very first part of Webster that we want to adjust is the sacrum. So we're going to use our leg length check and feel for tension in the sacrum. Using a fairly firm pressure, Dr. Paige is going to press through the sacrum to help balance that side of the pelvis out. Once we adjust through the sacrum, she is going to use the opposite hand to adjust this ligament on the other side.
Next we want to adjust the structures in the front of the pelvis. The first one is going to be so iliopsoas muscle. Dr. Paige is going to get in here with my fingertips, and apply pressure and massage. You are going to straighten your leg. With part of the soas, we are going to adjust the round ligament. The round ligament is in between the belly button and the bony part of the hip here. Dr. Paige is going to come right in between here and hold pressure just like the sacrum. 
Generally when you're pregnant, the pubic bone is higher on one side. If you're pregnant and have dealt with this, then you know it's no fun. The doctors can use the drop piece or the activator to adjust.

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