Round Ligament Pain Pregnancy Stretches

Round ligament pain stretches
Here are your easy to follow stretches for your round ligament pain during pregnancy! They are 'normal' for pregnancy, but can cause significant discomfort. Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial of the stretches and find round ligament pain relief. 
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Round Ligament Pain Explained

Round ligament pain is typically sharp or dull cramps that occur intermittently in the lower quadrants of the abdomen. They are 'normal' for pregnancy, but it can cause significant discomfort! Round ligament pain can be troublesome at any point during pregnancy, but it becomes more common in the second and third trimester! The round ligament attaches directly to the front of the uterus. As your belly grows, this ligament keeps the uterus from tipping backwards. The round ligament stretches in order to accommodate mom’s growing belly, but as a result some intermittent pain in the lower abdomen can occur.

Round ligament pain explained

We work on this ligament with the Webster Technique in the form of a gently round ligament release. We also recommend that women stretch the area for pain relief, with techniques like the ones explained below.

Tension and cramping can also be caused by scar tissue from a previous C-section. It would be lower than round ligament pain and surrounding the surgery scar. If this sounds more like you watch our C-Section Rehab video!

Stretches for Round Ligament Pain

1. Extension Stretch

Try this gentle extension stretch with your exercise ball if you’re struggling with round ligament discomfort. Start by sitting on your exercise ball. Then roll yourself down so your torso is extending over the ball. Your legs should be wide to support you! Rest here and breathe. It’s nice to use a wall or chair next to you for balance. To safely get out of this stretch, do the reverse! 

2. Exercise Ball Round Ligament Stretch

Our ‘GO TO’ round ligament stretch. Start on your knees with your hands resting on your exercise ball. Roll the ball away from you and dip your belly to the ground, but keep your hips high. Roll the ball side to side while shifting the hips towards the opposite side. You should feel a stretch in the belly [stretching the round ligament]!

Exercise ball round ligament stretch
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3. Runner's Lunge Round Ligament Stretch

Another way to stretch the round ligament is to modify a common hip flexor stretch. Find yourself in a deep lunge on the floor with some type of support at your side. Then, lift your outside arm overhead. This will stretch the side of your torso and the area of the round ligament. It’s likely you will also feel it in your hip flexors! 

4. Side Lying Stretch for Round Ligament Pain

Another modification to stretch the round ligament! You'll by lying on your side for this one, and you'll want room behind you to extend your leg. Try incorporating this one into your morning or evening routine. This one is great for before bed or when you wake up!

5. Cat/Cow

We love recommending the cat/cow stretch for pregnant women, because it can help mobilize the spine in a simple and safe way. You can use it as a round ligament stretch by resting in the cow position for a breathe or two. Your head should be lifted as your belly drops towards the floor. When you drop your belly, you can feel a stretch in the round ligament. 

6. Bird Dog

Stretching your round ligament can provide significant pain relief, however we also like incorporate stability. A bird dog is a good option with round ligament pain because it focuses on pelvic stability and strength. Adding stability to the pelvic area can take all the work off the round ligament [a bit]!


Belly Sifting for Round Ligament Pain

For this technique, you'll want to use your exercise ball and a scarf [a towel or sheet can work too]! Use an exercise ball to support the upper body. Let belly drop to the ground while your hips remain high. Make sure the scarf is wrapped comfortably, complete covering belly. Your partner should lift with their legs, rather than using their arms or upper body. This will help your partner from fatiguing. Belly sifting takes pressure of the round ligament [and low back] making it the perfect technique for round ligament pain. 

Belly sifting round ligament pain

***NOTE: Avoid this technique if you have an anterior placenta!***

Products for Round Ligament Pain Relief

1. Belly Tape for Round Ligament Pain

You can tape your belly for round ligament pain relief! Sensitive kinesiology tape, like this one are perfect for pregnancy. We recommend taking the tape off and replacing it daily, as need. Watch this video for instructions!

2. Exercise Ball

3. Belly Sifting Scarf

If you’re looking to learn more about  ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN RELIEF, consider reaching out to a chiropractor who is Webster Certified or try additional exercises

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