kidz are welcome!

Every room has a safe play space for kidz so mom can relax and enjoy treatment. We have extra hands to rock or hold babes.



What is your cancellation policy? 

No charge or drama. It is up to you to reschedule at your convenience.

How do I reschedule?

Click on the schedule button here on the website or find your original email confirmation and you can select a new time.

How long are appointments?
We have 2 women's appointment options - a 20 minute adjustment treatment and a 30 minute adjustment + deep tissue stretching session ( extra muscle work ).
Our women's new patient visit is 40 minutes.

Are there any additional fees?
No additional fees.  Ever.

Can a partner come along to my visits?
Yes... always! We have space for any partner to join your appointment.



Is my credit card information secure? 
Absolutely yes.  The system we use is secure, confidential and HIPAA compliant.

When does my credit card get charged?

Only AFTER an appointment has been fulfilled.

Do I get charged if I miss my appointment?

No. You will only be charged for fulfilled appointments.

Are you in network for any health insurance plans?

We are an individual payment practice and are not in network for any health insurance providers.

Do you accept Medicare?

Since we are a cash practice - we do not accept any insurance. We will happily provide you with a list of providers that do accept medicare.

Can I use my HSA?

In most cases, yes. You should always check with your HSA provider to confirm.