Pregnancy Care

How Often 

When should you see a chiropractor during your pregnancy and how often?

The benefits of getting care during your pregnancy include:

-better positioning for baby during pregnancy + delivery

-less pain + discomfort during pregnancy

-faster healing after delivery during your postpartum care

A good rule of thumb - is to seek prenatal chiropractic care 1x/month if you're not dealing with severe pain or discomfort.  Care can be more frequent if you need to decrease pain or work on pelvis positioning for you and baby.

We are certified in the Webster Technique which are specific techniques we use to optimize the physiology of the pelvis. We typically start this at 30 weeks.  With this technique, we are adjusting your pelvis in addition to working on your round ligament, sacrotuberous ligament, and iliopsoas muscle.  All of this aids in neutral positioning of your pelvis - which again helps with delivery.  If we are specifically working on positioning, it is helpful to be seen 1x/ week leading into delivery.