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Dr. Jesse Lillejord

Meet Dr. Jesse Lillejord, the founder of CHIRO FOR MOMS + CHIRO FOR KIDZ + one of our women's specialists. She is the bleeding heart of our team and the sticky glue that keeps us all together.

She is a mother of two girls + married to a man she met in high school [ though they had a ten year hiatus … a story for another day ]. Her last name - Lillejord - means “little farm” - which is fitting because she lives on a farm with four ducks + three cats + potentially a llama in the future.  

She + her family spend their time gardening, bon-firing, and prospecting the land.  Her life runs on coffee, she loves to dance, she is currently straightening her teeth with Invisalign, and you might catch her painting / renovating / building something [ with her mighty power tools ] on her days off.

Dr. Paige Schwieters

Meet Dr. Paige! She is a women's + pediatric specialist. She is a proud Canadian who moved here to pursue her dream of being a chiropractor then fell in love and decided to make Minnesota her home!

She loves golf with her husband Sam [ who is also a chiropractor ] and spending too much money at Target. 

She is fun + quirky + lovable and talks incredibly fast [ she's Italian ]! She has a healthy obsession with dogs and an irrational fear of roller coasters and bears. 

Dr. Mariah Baumgartner

Meet Dr. Mariah Baumgartner.

A women's + pediatric specialist.

She recently married her best friend - still waiting on the name change though!

She grew up playing soccer year round + played a year of collegiate rugby at Winona State [ even made it all the way to Stanford for Nationals ]! She’s always on her feet - has never had a ‘sit down job’ - which translates perfectly into her love for all things health + wellness.

Mariah pursued chiropractic out of her long time history of care, and love for helping + educating others. She is one of our women’s specialists + Kidz specialist.

When she’s not adjusting - you can find her juicing, cleaning [ so type A ], or at the gym! She is obsessed with the Arizona sun, sushi dates, lululemon, + acupuncture treatments.

Dr. Cassidy Vitzthum

Meet Dr. Cassidy!

A women's + pediatric specialist.

She is our newest doc to join the team ... but has been around for years! 

Cassidy is an athlete at heart.  Also from the land of corn (Iowa).

Cassidy grew up in northern Iowa and was a student athlete most of her teenage years, which is when she experienced the benefits of chiropractic care first hand. She left the small town life for the University of Iowa, where she completed her four-year degree in Health Sciences.

She has many hidden talents - she has designed some of our beautiful artwork in the office - check out the life size floral spine art in our back treating room!  She’s also a hiking queen and loves cooking healthy eats!

Stefanie Hawkinson

Meet Stefanie, our team manager [or…the boss]! She's been a part of the clinic since the start.

She loves all things numbers + spreadsheets + organization! She is our go to gal for anything in the office!

She loves Costco date nights with her hubby - a PE teacher who keeps her very active. She is also a mama of 2 amazing children.

Katie Risland

Meet Katie! She is our office specialist and works at the front desk.

Katie is the resident conversationalist. She loves a good The Office reference + she is a previous soccer star + loves planning travel for herself and others!

She is the captain of her own girl squad at home. She has been connected to CHIRO FOR MOMS for a few years and when our team grew we couldn't wait to add her!

Keighly Evanson

Keighly is our office specialist - She has been a long time patient who loved it so much she wanted to work here!

Keighly is a 5th grade teacher who loves her job and the kids she works with.

She loves a solid 8 hours of sleep every night + long walks through Target.

Addy Greimel

Meet Addy - our newest team member you will see at the front desk!

She loves a good book + spending time with her hubby and daughter. Roadtrips are a must for her family and they love hiking + biking + and a good picnic.

She is an early childhood teacher taking a short break to have more time with her family - so when we were looking to add to our team she was thrilled to join us!