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"Not only is Dr. Jesse an incredibly qualified, competent and gifted chiropractor, she’s an amazing woman. She truly listens to your needs and customizes her treatments to best suit your body and healing. Chiro for Moms is by far the most child-friendly clinic in the area, too. My four-year old loves coming to my appointments with me and I know he’s in a safe environment so I can focus on feeling better. Dr. Jesse also treated my infant son before and after a tongue tie release and he is absolutely thriving after his treatments and recommended exercises. Don’t hesitate to book your session!" - M.L.


"I always feel so much better after my adjustments with Dr. Jesse! She is so great at fully assessing where my body is at, and what it needs at each visit. She is wonderful at explaining the why behind each treatment, and gives so many tips to implement at home. Her treatments have never felt rushed, and she always connects with me on a personal level. The clinic is beautiful, beaming with positivity and fun, and my kids always enjoy and stay busy! I’m also a Birth Doula and refer clients to Dr. Jesse frequently! I know I will always be taking care of, just as my clients always are as well! Thank you to the entire CHIRO FOR MOMS team! You truly make a difference in your patient’s lives!" - HM


"I came to Chiro for Moms at the recommendation of my OB/GYN. I am not a huge fan of chiropractors in general, so was a little resistant, but my experience was unlike others. I really think Dr. Jesse wants to treat patients so they can heal long term, rather than just maintain or survive. Her office is also kid friendly and her online booking is convenient. Definitely recommend her services." -H.K.


"I took my infant to see Dr Kelsie to work on his head tilting to the left and limited range of motion when turning his head. After just one treatment we saw considerable improvement in his ability to hold his head in a neutral position. Dr Kelsie always made it clear what she was doing and how much pressure she was applying to give us comfort in her adjustment techniques. She also helping us with stretches and massages to help with spitting up. I have also taken my toddler to Dr Kelsie. He can be very sensitive about being touched and Dr Kelsie was very attentive to his needs for personal space. She adjusted him while he played with toys and while I held him to allow him to feel comfortable. When he decided that he did not want to be touched any longer Dr Kelsie concluded his treatment and completed his adjustments at a second session. I also see Dr Jesse for my own chiropractic care. I started seeing her while pregnant and she is by far the best chiropractor I have seen in the Twin Cities. She has not only helped me with my pregnancy needs but also helped me with postpartum recovery. Seeing Dr Jesse has been a great compliment to my pelvic floor physical therapy and helping my body adjust to breastfeeding an infant. Going to see Dr Kelsie and Dr Jesse is not only fun for the kids but also luxurious for mama. I highly recommend Chiro for Moms for all women I talk to and Chiro for Kids to all the mamas I know." - A.K.


"I had found Chiro For Moms while I was pregnant this past year and went regularly to see Dr. Jesse because I found it to provide so much relief as my body changed throughout my pregnancy. One main reason I kept going back was because of how informative Dr. Jesse was with everything she was doing and how I could continue to work on my care while I was at home -- be that with certain stretches or learning about certain support garments I could purchase online - but, there was never the pressure to sign up for any lengthy care program which I had seen at other offices. So, when I heard that Chiro For Kidz with Dr. Kelsie was going to be coming up, I was happy to have a place to take my newborn that I trusted. My newborn struggled with gassiness for the first month, despite diet changes I implemented, and Dr. Kelsie was able to show us two stretches/moves that would help us reduce both her gas and acid reflux. Dr. Kelsie was super gentle, talked us through everything she was doing and then followed up via email to send us a video of the stretch -- which really helped to ensure we were doing it correctly! I'll also note that their office does a great job with posting nuggets of information that you may not have known about via Instagram and that they've also made us so comfortable with the level of precaution they are taking when physically going in for an appointment regarding COVID 19. I'm so happy to have found both Chiro For Moms AND Kidz - both Dr. Jesse and Dr. Kelsie are phenomenal doctors and women who are helping moms and their littles so much!" -S.S.


"Dr Kayla is welcoming and super easy to talk with! I had been dealing with lower back pain due to working from home and less movement. She quickly adjusted me and provided some stretches and resources to help eliminate the work from home pains. I recommend Chiros For Moms to anyone dealing with aches and pains!" - R.M. 


"Dr. Kelsie did such a fabulous job with my kiddos! They are 6, 4, 2, and 6 months and all smiled and giggled through their adjustments and told me they had a lot of fun and would like to go back! The kid’s room is so welcome and inviting, and it’s nice not to have to worry about my kids touching or breaking something! We bet much appreciate the atmosphere here and will definitely be back!" - H.M. 


"Highly recommend Chiro for Moms! I am currently 30 weeks pregnant - my lower back and hips are definitely feeling it. I've done chiropractic care in the past and love it, so it was a no brainer to go to Chiro for Moms. The overall experience was wonderful. Their atmosphere is warm and inviting. I love they specialize in chiropractic care for women and children. I went to Dr. Kayla Schumacher and had a great experience! She's very knowledgeable and just overall a great woman. I highly recommend Chiro for Moms!"  -D.W.


"My girls had such a good experience getting adjusted. I have four daughters ages 8 and under... which is always a little chaotic. But the providers at chiro for moms were amazing! They explained everything to my curious girls and let them play in the colorful play area. Even my 20 month felt totally comfortable with laying on the table for an adjustment. My 4 year old giggled the entire time. My 7 year old says it was awesome. And my 8 year old says she can’t wait to go back! Totally recommend!" - M.J.


"I started seeing Dr. Kayla at about 36 weeks pregnant for TMJ and sciatica symptoms. After one visit my jaw pain went away completely and I found quite a bit of relief for my sciatica as well as other general pregnancy aches and pains. I continued seeing her weekly throughout the rest of my pregnancy to ensure I was as aligned and mobile as possible which I truly believe contributed to smooth birth of my first baby. Now, 6 weeks postpartum, I’m healing rapidly and feeling great. I plan to continue to see Dr. Kayla and highly recommend her and Chiro for Moms to any expectant or postpartum women!" - A.L.