Patient Love

"Not only is Dr. Jesse an incredibly qualified, competent and gifted chiropractor, she’s an amazing woman. She truly listens to your needs and customizes her treatments to best suit your body and healing. Chiro for Moms is by far the most child-friendly clinic in the area, too. My four-year old loves coming to my appointments with me and I know he’s in a safe environment so I can focus on feeling better. Dr. Jesse also treated my infant son before and after a tongue tie release and he is absolutely thriving after his treatments and recommended exercises. Don’t hesitate to book your session!"


"I always feel so much better after my adjustments with Dr. Jesse! She is so great at fully assessing where my body is at, and what it needs at each visit. She is wonderful at explaining the why behind each treatment, and gives so many tips to implement at home. Her treatments have never felt rushed, and she always connects with me on a personal level. The clinic is beautiful, beaming with positivity and fun, and my kids always enjoy and stay busy! I’m also a Birth Doula and refer clients to Dr. Jesse frequently! I know I will always be taking care of, just as my clients always are as well! Thank you to the entire CHIRO FOR MOMS team! You truly make a difference in your patient’s lives!"


"I love everything about this clinic and Dr. Jesse. She has helped me throughout my pregnancy, even coming in during non-regular business hours to treat me when I tweaked my lower back. From the bright colors, the scent of peppermint and the uplifting music, it is my happy place. But best of all, she welcomes my kids and they love coming! Her attention to detail, kindness and passion are second to none. I moved much further away from Chiro for Moms, but it's worth the drive. Every time."


"I have only good things to say about Dr. Jesse and Chiro for Moms. She has thought about every detail to make the patient experience optimal. And I think in particular the fact that it is so kid friendly (although mine is still on the way) makes it super easy for moms. She has helped me by being a listening ear during all the ups and downs so far during my pregnancy. Initially I was getting crazy headaches and vomitting during the first trimester and the chiropractic care helped a TON. Currently we are working on balancing my pelvis to help flip my breech baby and give me every opportunity to deliver vaginally. And I think the fact that she lets you decide when you need to get adjusted by feeling what it feels like when your body is "in line" makes it much less intimidating compared to other chiropractic experiences."


"Dr. Jesse has a wealth of knowledge to offer that extends beyond traditional chiropractic care. She not only helped with my back pain but also addressed my sinus issues which I would have never thought to see a chiropractor for. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone seeking relief. PS - And her office is adorable! My kids never want to leave. Well thought out for busy mommas on the go..."


"Hands down the very best care you'll ever receive. Dr. Jesse listens with genuine care and is amazing at what she does. I leave my appointments feeling refreshed and pain free. Truly a gem, I highly recommend Chiro for moms!"