The Doctors

All of our Doctors specialize in female chiropractic care, specifically relating to the unique physical needs of women of all ages.  No matter a woman's age, whether she has children or not, our Minnesota Chiropractic Clinic caters to a woman's needs. Our doctors are here to listen and help. We're here for you!


Dr. Jesse Lillejord

Dr. Jesse Lillejord

I am Dr. Jesse Lillejord and I am the founder of Chiro for Moms. Early in my career I realized that treating women and children was my passion. I set out to design a clinic experience that addressed both womens’ unique physical needs and their busy schedules. Chiro for Moms is the result of that vision.


One of my biggest frustrations with doctor’s offices was the lack of amenities and safety features for children. Our clinics are both fully baby proofed and provide entertainment options for children of all ages.


At CHIRO FOR MOMS all appointment slots are available online and you can reserve your appointment time at your convenience. More importantly, all appointments start on time.


And last, but certainly not least, my vision is for you to be relaxed while you are here. Enjoy a cup of coffee, let your kids play, relax, and take a breath. Let this be your sanctuary.