The Team

 WE'RE A TEAM, first and foremost.


Dr. Jesse Lillejord

Dr. Lillejord CHIRO FOR MOMS
Meet Dr. Jesse Lillejord, the founder of CHIRO FOR MOMS. Early in her career she realized that treating women and children was her passion.

She set out to design a clinic experience that addressed both womens’ unique physical needs and their busy schedules. CHIRO FOR MOMS is the result of that vision.

She is a mother of two little girls ( ages seven and five ) and she is married to her best friend ( and childhood sweetheart ), Erik.  They are all the light of her life.

Her life runs on coffee, so you will see many references to this ... in fact, she makes it her mission to always have fresh, yummy coffee ready to share in the clinic.

She loves all things that make life meaningful, enjoyable, balanced and happy.  She love to laugh and DANCE. 

If she doesn't know you already, she looks forward to meeting you ... with a big, warm smile ( and perhaps a big cup of coffee ). 


Stefanie Hawkinson

Meet Stefanie, the woman behind the scenes.  She has been an integral part of CHIRO FOR MOMS since it began.  

Though you may not always see her face, she's always working to make CHIRO FOR MOMS an amazing experience for you!  She's our specialist behind the scenes, making sure the boxes get checked ... and everything runs smoothly!

Stefanie is a mother of two littles, a boy and girl ( ages eight and six ) and she is married to her favorite person, Craig.  They are her world!

If Stefanie's not in the office, she's OUTSIDE with her family.  She and her family love to PLAY!

Some of her favorite things include date night walks around Costco, drinking Chai Tea, listening to her children laugh, watching her son's baseball games, rock climbing with her daughter, and vacationing at Hilton Head Island.

Her goal in life is to cherish each day ... make the most of every moment, big or small.

She is pumped to be sharing this venture and helping the CHIRO FOR MOMS team grow!