Deep Tissue Neck Massager

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  • "Experience unparalleled relief with our Deep Tissue Neck Massager. Featuring precision-engineered massage points that deliver targeted relief to small neck muscles. The neck rescue is able to reach the deeper muscle layers where the pain resides, electric massage rollers are to large to release these hard to reach areas. This unique approach not only releases muscle knots and trigger points but also provides fast relief from tension headaches. Welcome to true relief with Neck Rescue."
  • "Muscle Stripping Made Simple: This deep tissue massager also incorporates effective muscle stripping, a technique favored by professionals to swiftly alleviate muscle tension. With Neck Rescue, you can easily perform muscle stripping on your own. The secret? Applying a touch of oil to the patented points, allowing you to effortlessly glide and release muscle tension. This is a game changer that sets us apart from other neck massagers."
  • Effective Neck Stretching: Our massager doubles as a cervical traction device, gently stretching the neck to relieve pressure on the spine and discs. This provides relief from conditions like pinched nerves and herniated discs, enhancing overall neck health.
  • The Neck Rescue matches the dimensions of the human neck, it targets the hard-to-reach neck muscles to bring real relief of neck tension. This design does not need electricity or batteries. When laying down it uses gravity to create all the force needed to release deep muscle tension. It can also be used seated for muscle stripping, like a professional massage.
  • Experience effective pain relief, the Neck Rescue reaches deep into muscle layers to release muscle knots, trigger points and headaches. It is ideal as a trigger point massage tool, neck stretcher traction device, occipital release tool. Deep tissue massage is a natural effective method to relieve neck pain and tension.