EARTHLITE Disposable Face Cradle Covers

$16.99 USD
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  • EASY TO USE AND CONVENIENT: EARTHLITE Disposable Headrest Covers are easy to use in place of cotton or flannel covers, which require washing after each use. Product stores easily in table and chair carry cases
  • SOFT TO THE TOUCH: Thick, yet soft and silky fabric conforms to the shape of your cushion. Feels like napped cotton
  • KEEP CLIENTS SAFE AND SANITARY: Absorbent medical grade fiber provides a protective layer between your client and bare upholstery. Hypo-allergenic
  • RESEALABLE VALUE PACK: Resealable 100 pack keeps extras safe from moisture and open air contamination. Available as well as 2x 100 value pack.
  • MADE BY EARTHLITE - the world’s leader and most trusted massage equipment company, since 1987