Hyland's Earache Drops | Ages 2+

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All natural ear drops for ear infections and allergy relief. This homeopathic blend can help with ear pain, irritability, and minor fevers. 

To Use: [do not use on perforated ear drum]

Place 3-4 drops into the affected ear up to 4x/day. 


  • RELIEF OF EARACHE SYMPTOMS: Temporarily relieves the symptoms of fever, pain, throbbing, irritability and sleeplessness associated with earaches after diagnosis by a physician Relieves common pain and itching of "swimmers" ear
  • EASY TO USE: Dosing dropper for easy delivery into ear to naturally relieve fever, pain, irritability, and sleeplessness associated with earaches in children, after diagnosis by a physician, as well as common pain and itching of swimmer's ear
  • 0.33 OUNCE = UP TO 150 DROPS: of Hyland's Earache Drops
  • NATURAL EARACHE SYMPTOM RELIEF MEDICINE: Contains no aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, sugar, artificial flavors, dyes or parabens
  • SAFE AND GENTLE: Hyland's formulas are made with natural active ingredients and have no known drug interactions.