Constipation Relief for Toddlers | 2+

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Safe for kids 2+ years old!

This natural constipation remedy contains organic elderberry, fennel seed, licorice root, barberry root, and senna leaf.

Non-habit forming yet effective!


  • Natural Stool Softener - Toddler having potty problems? Try JoySpring's constipation ease for toddlers an all natural blend of Elderberry Licorice & Senna create a gentle solution to child constipation. A kids constipation relief liquid you can use too!
  • Stool Softener for Kids - You're constipated kiddo is probably a picky eater. That's why our constipation relief for toddlers is made with added elderberry not only does it make our kids laxatives for constipation taste great but has added benefits
  • Stimulant Free Stool Softener for Kids - Don't put your kiddo in an even worse situation with harsh kids laxative with stimulants. Bring your child constipation relief in the most gentle effective way possible. Relieve gas and bloating with our laxative for kids
  • An easy to take constipation relief kids will thank you for - chalky chewables might not be the best thing for constipation if your kiddo won't eat them! PottyWise has added elderberry that masks the earthy flavor or senna leaf
  • A stool softener for toddlers & adults - Save yourself some shelf space with our stool softener children and adults can use. 2 - 8 (1 Dropper) 9 - 15 (2 Droppers) 16 & Up (3 Droppers). An all natural stool softener that brings the whole family relief.