NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt

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  • Tested and improved for 12+ years: As a US company, NeoTech Care is proud to provide the most trusted of the belly bands for pregnant women.
  • Supportive : With its wide back support the NeoTech Care pregnancy belly band redistributes pressure on your back caused by the belly weight and gives support to pregnant women with back, pelvis and round ligament pain.
  • Adjustable : Easily adjust the pregnancy support belt to your growing baby bump, supporting your back and abdomen throughout pregnancy.
  • Durable : The NeoTech Care pregnant belly support belt features new reinforced hooks and loops fabric designed to last throughout your entire pregnancy.
  • Breathable : The NeoTech Care maternity belt has the highest breathability. Don't compromise on back and abdominal comfort.
  • Goodbye back pain ! Now is the right time to focus on your well being. Get a maternity belly band for pregnant women that focuses on support DURING pregnancy, not the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 type.