4 Pack Tennis Balls

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FOR PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM: Target specific muscle tightness related to your pain complain using a tennis ball! They will be the gentlest/softest option for a ‘massage ball’!


  • Premium Pressure Tennis Balls: Diameter: 2.5 Inches; Bounce Height About 54in. They better bounce than pressureless balls. These practice tennis balls are almost the same as the standard ones, with excellent bounce height, and can be used as professional training balls.
  • Durable Thickened Safe Natural Rubber: This tennis ball is made from natural rubber and durable well-bonded felt material for a consistent feel and reduced shock. Thickened materials, more durable, long service life.
  • Multi-purpose & All Courts: Our tennis can be training balls, match balls, dog play balls, walker floor protection balls, chair leg noise reduction balls, etc. It can also be used for family entertainment and gifts. Can be used on any court, hard or soft, clay or cement, indoor or outdoor.
  • Thickened Carry Bag: Balls come in a convenient reusable and closeable mesh bag for easy transport and storage. Thickened mesh bag, longer service life. Bright color is easier to see when playing, and green relieves sight fatigue.
  • Ideal Sports Gift: 4 PCS for coaches, students, and pros alike. They're perfect for lessons and are also tennis-ball-machine compatible for solo serving sessions. Ideal for recreational enthusiasts, training tutors, beginners, and youth sports programs. It can also make dogs busy and happy. Have a good time with your pet.