Therapy Balls

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FOR PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM: Target specific muscle tightness related to your pain complain using a therapy ball! It’s the ‘Goldilocks’ of massage balls. Not too hard but not too soft!



  • THE ESSENTIAL GO-TO MASSAGE THERAPY BALL: at 2 ½ inches in diameter & with a grippy texture, the original Yoga Tune Up balls are extremely versatile, applying pressure similar to a thumb, that can really penetrate in just the right place & way to provide needed pain relief & release of muscle tension.
  • IT DOESN’T HAVE TO HURT TO WORK: made out of natural latex rubber with a compressible core, the Yoga Tune Up therapy balls gently penetrate trigger points and tight areas to provide release without causing soreness or bruising.
  • ON-DEMAND PAIN & TENSION RELIEF: an excellent hand therapy & foot massage ball, when used correctly, the Yoga Tune Up balls also work extremely well as a foot calf massager, back knots remover, & provide neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis relief.
  • USE AS A SINGLE OR PEANUT MASSAGE BALL FOR WARM UP & MUSCLE RECOVERY: you can use one of the single balls for hand or foot massage ball or use both combined in the tote as a peanut ball to roll your spine, shins, glutes, hamstrings, or use behind your neck. Helps increase range of motion and mobility fast and helps decrease soreness and muscle recovery time after a session of yoga, an afternoon at the gym, or other workout.
  • USED BY TEACHERS & PRACTITIONERS WORLDWIDE: a key therapy ball set used in Jill Miller’s Roll Model Method & Yoga Tune Up fitness formats, used by over 500 certified teachers in yoga studios, gyms, physical therapy, & wellness centers across the globe.