Portable White Noise Machine for Baby

$48.99 USD
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  • EFFECTIVELY MASKS NOISE: Beloved by generations since 1962, Yogasleep is the trusted leader in white noise machines. We created the famous Yogasleep Sound — the soothing ambient sounds of rushing air that have helped millions experience better sleep. The Hushh+ effectively cancels out noises that may disturb or distract, helping baby get the best sleep possible
  • 20 SOOTHING SOUNDS: With 16 more options than the original Hushh, the Hushh+ lets you take control of your sound environment, no matter where you are. Choose from white noise, nature sounds, and lullabies, then set your volume — anywhere from whisper-quiet to impressively robust.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING AND LONGER-LASTING BATTERY: Conveniently charge your device wirelessly or use the included USB-C cable. The Hushh+ features a longer-lasting battery compared to the original Hushh, and fits perfectly in any carry-on bag, backpack, or diaper bag. It also includes an adjustable silicone strap for easy handling or hanging. Does not come with USB wall adapter. Device is compatible with wireless charging pad, a wireless charging pad is not included. The rechargeable battery is 1800 mAh and lasts 20 hours when in use.
  • GENTLE AMBER NIGHT LIGHT: A relaxing amber night light provides just enough light for nighttime feedings and diaper changes without waking or disturbing your little one
  • WIRELESS SPEAKER: Expand your sound options with the wireless speaker. Stream your own music, podcasts, voice recording, or nursery rhymes to help baby drift off to dreamland