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Stretches for Diaphragm & Reflux Pain During Pregnancy

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
A lot of women struggle with diaphragm and reflux pain during pregnancy and they don't always know to ask about it. There are many chiropractic benefits of being adjusted and treated at CHIRO FOR MOMS by our prenatal chiropractors. One of the things we can do in our chiropractic clinic to help with reflux and diaphragm pain is to get in on the left side, because your stomach sits on the left side. What you do is pull down through the base of the esophagus and pull down and over. Follow the rib cage. This stretch is more for the reflux. If I was doing this to myself, pregnant or not, pull down and push off through the muscles. That goes for diaphragm pain as well. You can move to the other side - pull down and follow the rib cage almost all the way down to the pelvis. It may not look like it but we are following the ribs all the way down to the pelvis. That will give you a lot of relief. When you're dealign with reflux as well, get on a wedge. You can also add a pillow under your neck. Anytime you're getting traction down with the gravity you will get less of that reflux. These are just a few ways to help relive reflux and diaphragm pain. 

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