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Diaphragm and Heartburn Pain During Pregnancy

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on



Here we are going over techniques you can do at home for diaphragm pain and heartburn pain. Heartburn will be left side region pain while diaphragm pain will present down the upper and sides of the stomach area. what you can do is take your hands ever so softly by the upper left side near the base of the esophagus and gently push - you will track down and trace the rib cage. You can do this standing. If you don't have access to a ball you can use a bed or sofa to do a side body stretch. Place your hands down and lean towards the outer extended arm. On a ball you will do the same but you can get a little deeper stretch. You can rotate on the ball to get different angles. If you have heartburn you can stay a little taller. If you are familiar with our psoas stretch - you can also go next to a sturdy surface, go into a runners lunge, and lean into the front leg. Twist and push yourself back to get a good stretch throughout the side body.


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