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Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Labor + Delivery Prep with Partner:
 1. Side lying release
2. Adductor massage / lengthening
3. Sacral Rocking on chair [ think laboring on toilet ]
4. Sacral Rocking standing against wall
5. Belly sifting [ posterior placenta only ]
- - -
Side lying release is a technique performed by a partner - to help open the sacrum / pelvis and release pressure - further aiding into the correct position for delivery.  This also relieves painful pressure in areas such as the low back, pelvis, pubic symphysis and hips.
Sacral rocking is a technique performed by a partner to help decrease pressure in the sacral and pubic symphysis regions - while also increasing movement to aid in baby positioning and low back / SI pain relief. 
- - -
For further information on this technique - reach out to a Birthing Doula or look into Spinning Babies.
*Consult your health care professional before trying any of these techniques at home. These are designed to focus on the women's pelvis. They are not intended to focus in any way directly on baby.*

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