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YOU FOUND US! We are your PREGNANCY PAIN EXPERTS. We KNOW bodies + we KNOW the mechanics to keep women moving PAIN FREE! ** Watch our intro below -->> MEET US! **

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Meet the pregnancy pain experts.
We are chiropractors that specialize in chiropractic care for the pregnant body; We understand the bio-mechanical changes that occur during pregnancy + the postpartum journey... This includes the fact that [ the hormone ] relaxin impacts our stability as our body changes in pregnancy [ + postpartum ]. 
We listen to our patients. We hear their needs, their troubles, and then we provide them with the resources - stretches and at-home techniques - they need to continue to aid in their care.
We don't push treatment plans, instead we help guide care as they need. We also do not have a cancellation policy, because we understand that life is busy, especially with littles!
We specialize in treating pain conditions specific to pregnancy: pubic symphysis dysfunction / pain, low back pain, tailbone pain, sciatica, rib pain. 
We are Webster certified at Chiro For Moms. It is a chiropractic specific technique to balance the pelvis. Balancing + aligning the pelvis creates optimal space while decreasing pain for mom; Which is why you might hear it in relation to "flipping a breech baby," because it helps create space.  
We only ever work on what our patients are comfortable with [ i.e. adjusting ]. We walk our patients through the whole process [ during their first visit ] so they know what to expect during treatment. 
Our women are always supported by one of our many pillows! When she is face up, she will recline back over our wedge pillow + alternatively be kept comfortable face down in our Lady pillow - where there are cut outs for her chest + baby belly. The thoracic portion of our table is able to drop away + lower, which provides even more space for the growing belly, ensuring safety for mom + baby. 

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