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Pubic Symphysis Pain / SPD

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Avoid: Shearing forces any exercises or activities that recreate your pain Exercises: 1-3x/day for 5-15 seconds each stretch
Exercise ball pelvic tilts Adductor contraction using 2 fists between your knees Adductor stretch: spread your knees wide and use your arms to stretch through the adductors on a ball or in a squat. “Strip” the Adductors with a rolling pin or muscle stick Adductor stretch [seated] : use a pillow for support and lean forward gently to stretch. Hip flexor stretch: stand with one ankle crossed over the other. Reach up and lean towards the side of the ‘front foot’. Piriformis stretch: figure four stretch. Very important to pull UP rather than push down! Tools: [found in the resources section and our site]
Lumbosacral support belt
Muscle stick



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