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Pubic Symphysis Pain / SPD

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
1. AVOID shearing forces : stairs, hiking, lunges
2. Adductor contraction: Using two fists between the knees, squeeze your legs together to ‘wake up’ the inner leg musculature. 
3. Adductor stretching: sitting on a ball, take feet out wide. Use your elbow/hand on the same side knee, then stretch and lean into the other side. You can also do this stretch sitting in a chair or in a standing squat, but the position demonstrated seems to be the most comfortable for patient’s with SPD. 
4.  Adductor stripping: Use a muscle stick or whatever you prefer to work out sore muscle directly on the adductors.
5. Pelvic mobility: On an exercise ball, practice pelvic movement and isolations by tilting the pelvis forward and back, side-to-side, figure 8’s, and whatever feels best for you. 
6. Star stretch: seated with your legs extended in a “V” lean forward. You can use a pillow or some kind of prop between your legs to help support yourself. 
7. Foam Roll Squat: Using a wall, lean your outer leg against a foam roller. You can stay still and hold tender spots or bend into a squat to strengthen muscles and intensify the trigger points. 

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