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SPD Exercises | Pubic Symphysis Pain

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Pubic symphysis pain is commonly known as SPD | Lightning Crotch | Groin Pain | Inner Thigh Pain. This discomfort typically comes on at the tail end of your pregnancy, but you may experience it occasionally throughout! Here are our SPD exercises to stretch and activate you adductor muscles to help with your inner thigh pain during pregnancy!

SPD Exercises To Avoid

Shearing Forces

Shearing forces are anything that bring one part of your pelvis forward and the other side backwards. This looks like lunges, stairs, getting up off the floor on one leg! It can be even as simple as getting into your car with stretching one leg into the car and then getting in! We want to reduce the amount of tension put on the pubic symphysis to help you get rid of that inner thigh pain !

SPD Exercises To Help Inner Thigh Pain During Pregnancy

Wake Up Your Inner Thigh Muscles

Start with sitting on an exercise ball. Then, take your fists and place them between your knees and squeeze in together. Hold for about 20 seconds to really activate your inner thigh muscles. 

Adductor Stretch

Still sitting on your exercise ball, take your feet out wide. Then, use your elbow/hand on the same side of your knee, stretch and lean into the other side. You can also do this stretch sitting in a chair or in a standing squat. But, using an exercise ball is most comfortable for women experiencing SPD pain during pregnancy. 

Adductor Stripping

Using a muscle stick | foam roller | rolling pin | or even just your hand. Start by your knee and bring the object toward your pubic bone to help relax your inner thigh muscles. 

**Disclaimer: we want to avoid this exercise until we are 37+ weeks pregnant. It may help promote labor** 

Pelvic Mobility On Exercise Ball

On an exercise ball, practice pelvic movement and isolations by tilting your pelvis. Start by moving it forward and back, then go into side-to-side movements. Finally, progressing into figure 8's, and whatever movement feels best for you! Pelvic mobility are great SPD Exercises to help with labor and delivery as well! 

Star Stretch

Start seated with your legs extended into a 'V' position. Then, lean forward! You may use a pillow or some kind of prop between your legs to help support your upper body.

Foam Roll Squat Exercise

Using a wall, lean your outer leg against a foam roller. You can then stay still and hold tender spots on your leg, or you can bend into a squat to strengthen and intensify the trigger points.


Other Things To Try And Help SPD Pain

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How to wear your belt? See our HOW TO WEAR BELT VIDEO!

*Medical Disclaimer: All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.*


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