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Pubic Symphysis Pain / SPD

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Pubic Symphysis Pain :
Pubic Symphysis Pain is a common pain condition during pregnancy because of the pelvis shifting. These stretches will be helpful in treating pubic symphysis pain along with adjustments from your pregnancy chiropractor. You can do these exercises: 1-3x/day for 5-15 seconds each stretch. Avoid: Shearing forces and exercises or activities that recreate your pain
  • Exercise ball pelvic tilts
  • Adductor contraction using 2 fists between your knees
  • Adductor stretch: spread your knees wide and use your arms to stretch through the adductors on a ball or in a squat.
  • “Strip” the Adductors with a rolling pin or muscle stick Adductor stretch [seated] : use a pillow for support and lean forward gently to stretch.
  • Hip flexor stretch: stand with one ankle crossed over the other.
  • Reach up and lean towards the side of the ‘front foot’.
  • Piriformis stretch: figure four stretch. Very important to pull UP rather than push down!
  • Tools: [found in the resources page]
    • Lumbosacral support belt
    • Muscle stick

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