SPD Exercises and Exercises For Pubic Symphysis Pain

SPD Exercises
Pubic symphysis pain is commonly known as SPD (or "Lightning Crotch", groin pain, or inner thigh pain). Discomfort typically comes on at the tail end of your pregnancy.  You may also experience it occasionally throughout.  Fortunately, there are many SPD exercises to help decrease this pain throughout pregnancy.


Are There Exercises for Pubic Symphysis Pain? 

SPD is the acronym used for ‘symphysis pubis dysfunction’. The pubic symphysis is a force-absorbing disc found between your two pelvic bones. During pregnancy, there is ‘dysfunction’ in this area caused by all the adaptations required to make room for your growing baby.

Discs in your spine resemble the disc that sits between the two bones making up your pubic symphysis.  The ultimate role of this small structure is to help distribute force evenly throughout the pelvis.  It also assists in stability.

The increase in pelvic mobility during pregnancy lowers the body's ability to transmit forces.  Shearing force also increases in the pelvic joints which can cause pain.

Separation of the disc that happens quickly, unevenly, or excessively can contribute to pain.

Shearing Forces That Create Pubic Symphysis and SPD Pain

Shearing forces are forces that bring one part of your pelvis forward and the other part backward. This looks like lunging, using stairs, or getting up off the floor on one leg. It can be even as simple as getting into your car with stretching one leg into the car and then getting in. We want to reduce the amount of tension put on the pubic symphysis to help you get rid of that inner thigh pain. 

A Belt Can Be A Part Of Your Exercises For Pubic Symphysis Pain

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It’s lower than you think! Women often think that a belt like this is for your belly - but it’s for your PELVIS.  The belt helps hold the ligaments and pelvic girdle tight. This way, all of the surrounding muscles don’t have to OVERWORK. Remember, you have a ton of relaxin in your body. Stabilizing as much as possible to keep excess tension and pressure off of your nerve roots is very important.

Which Belt Is Best To Use for Pubic Symphysis and SPD Pain?

We prefer a belt that more for the SI joint (not necessarily for the belly).  This means that you should be looking for a belt that isn't super thick or in multiple parts.  You also don't need one that straps across the top of your belly.  What you really want is a belt that is one connected piece, with additional velcro straps to increase the tension being applied to the pelvis.  This SI belt is the one we most often recommend to our pregnant patients. Find it ON AMAZON!

More Belts + Bands for Pubic Symphysis and SPD Pain

We always recommend comparing and contrasting different belts + bands to see if something looks more appealing to you, as the look of a belt can play a big role for women.  Most women feel silly wearing a belt over or even under their clothing, so it helps if a belt is more appealing or more in line with the way they dress. 

Getting Chiropractic Care In Addition To Doing Your SPD Exercises

Typically the chiropractor is looking for the side of the pubic symphysis that sits up higher than the other.  The chiropractor is also looking for a decrease in mobility, one side versus the other.  Quick movement applied by the doctor creates more mobility and less stress on the joint space.  This in turn allows for more fluid movement when walking or performing any of your normal activities of daily living. 

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy SPD Exercises

Pelvic Floor PT is another wonderful way to get relief for your pubic symphysis pain.  Not only can you get the physical help in office with a Pelvic Floor Therapist, you can also learn more ways to strengthen your lower body and mobilize that region. 


Strength Exercises For Pubic Symphysis Pain

Strength can be a game change for pubic symphysis pain. Using a tool like the Pilates ball can be a game changer.  More specifically, strengthening your adductors, abductors and glutes can dramatically decrease the pain women experience in that region during pregnancy. 

Alternative SPD Exercises

Additional ways to get benefit and relief with SPD / pubic symphysis pain are available.  We love nothing more than patients getting results, so using multiple tools / exercises / therapies is often what we recommend to get relief. 


Pilates can be an amazing addition to the movements you're already doing.  This technique can be performed both on the mat or with a reformer.  The beauty of pilates is that is works with a lot of breath work and core strength, which can directly impact you pubic symphysis region. 

Exercise With Weights

Another great way to keep up your strength through pregnancy is with weights - as there are ways to avoid the pain while still strengthening.  Our rule of thumb is to just make sure you're not in pain while doing ANY TYPE of exercise - in other words - don't push through the pain. 

For More Pubic Symphysis Relief

We can only fit so much on a page, so we encourage your to head over to our YouTube channel [ via internet search or clicking the link below ] for a comprehensive lineup for all things pubic symphysis discomfort! 

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