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Home Remedies For Colic | Fussiness In Babies

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
'Colic' is a very common term. This word is derived from the word 'colon' and generally refers to infants who are having GI issues. Colic is diagnosed in a healthy infant using the 3:3:3 rule - infant crying for more than 3 hours per day, more than 3 days per week, and longer than 3 weeks. Some babes have colicky like symptoms that they will not get the true diagnosis of colic and are told they will grow out of it. As professionals in the pediatric realm, we can help relieve those symptoms of colic using home remedies to stretch and loosen up their bodies to decrease the fussiness in your little one.

Fussiness With Colic

When we see babes in the clinic and their parents describe their behavior as 'colic' we always look for tension in their little bodies. This tension can look like they are constantly looking one way as in head preference. It can look like constipation or gas symptoms. It can also look like reflux and generally very uncomfortable in their little bodies. These home remedies for colic techniques are designed to loosen up babe and help them relax into their little bodies as they grow.

Diaphragm Massage

First, by taking your thumbs to the midline of your little ones tummy, under the ribs. Start by applying a little bit of pressure and then stroking to the outer parts of their tummy! This technique is focused on diaphragm relaxation.

Left Sided Stomach Massage

We focus primarily on the left side for sphincter relaxation. This is a technique we primarily use if babe is having reflux. First, start on the left side under the ribs, and gently pull down towards the left side of their stomach. This will help relax the stomach and spincter reducing tightness in this area and reduce their fussiness. For more techniques regarding reflux, check out!

Tummy Time Diaphragm Relaxation

Usually when babies have colic, they strongly dislike tummy time! Here we are focusing on the diaphragm release in a different way. First, by taking your hands under their belly below their rib cage, you can then gently stroke outwards from their midline. This pressure on their tummy usually feels really good and allows little ones to relax into this position.

Glute Massage

Glute massage is great for babies dealing with gas or constipation! This can also help reduce any tension in their lower body reducing their colicky symptoms that way! Start by pressing into both glutes at the same time and massage! Then, do one side at a time! 

I Love You Abdominal Massage

Performing this famous technique will help move bowels and helo with decreasing tightness in little ones tummy! First, start on the right side near their hip flexor and perform 3 circles in 3 sections working up towards their ribs. Then, work your way across their tummy. Then, work your way down to the left side. Poop shoot is on the left, therefore ending on the left side is a great place to be!

Alternative Tummy Time Positions

Having baby love tummy time is a great home remedy for colic! By helping them relax into this position it will help with any GI stuff they may be dealing with. Follow our ALTERNATIVE TUMMY TIME video for more techniques!

Guppy Pose

This position is amazing at reducing any tension along their front of their bodies! It is key to reduce tension in their mouths as well pre-frenectomy and post-frenectomy! Start by holding babe along your side and gently guiding them down into a upside down position. Relax there and hold for about 10 seconds, then gently bring them back up! Always support their head in this position!

For More Information

Tongue and Lip ties are often key causes of colic. To learn more about tongue ties, check out!

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