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tummy time alternatives

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Tummy Time Alternatives: 
For babes that are not loving tummy time - here are a few simple alternatives to try! First, don't be afraid to lay babe on their side - you can use a pillow or blanket to prop them up and provide support in the back. Another option is to get your ball back out and use the ball to get tummy time in with your babe! The ball is rounded like a human chest and they often prefer it to the floor! You could also use a blanket + pillow to prop babe up on the floor so they can look around easier and develop neck strength. Finally, use your knees to lay baby on - this provides a flat surface but still the ability for them to engage their muscles + build strength. The last technique we show here is called "reverse tummy time" or "guppy pose". This is designed to promote extension in fussy + tight babies and is great pre-post frenectomy! 

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