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Tummy Time Alternatives

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Baby hates tummy time? Tummy positioning is so important for your baby's early development. Tummy time helps develop the neck [cervical] curve and encourages upper body strength, which is essential for rolling and crawling. Try our alternatives to tummy time techniques for simple ways to implement this position in babes that hate tummy time! 

Tummy Time Alternatives: 

If your baby hates tummy time, try these alternatives! All of these techniques are great for babies suffering from reflux or infants who appear 'tight' or 'rigid'. For more techniques for reflux or baby tightness, check out our Kidz Techniques.

Over the Leg Tummy Time Alternative

Try using your thigh or lower leg for tummy time. Using your leg provides a flat surface and a higher incline, but still the ability for them to engage their muscles + build strength.

Tummy Time on Boppy

You could also use a Boppy, a blanket, or pillow to prop babe up on the floor so they can look around easier and develop neck strength. The surface is softer than the floor or your leg, which babies tend to enjoy. You could position a mirror or toys in front of them to encourage upper body mobility.

Exercise Ball Alternative

Get your birthing ball back out and use it to get tummy time in with your babe! The ball is rounded like a human chest and they often prefer it to the floor. It's another soft surface to try, so it has similar benefits to using a Boppy. **Make sure you hold onto your babe with this one and do not let go!**

Guppy Pose

The last tummy time alternative is called "reverse tummy time" or "guppy pose". This position promotes extension in fussy + tight babies. It is also a great position to practice in babies with tongue ties [pre- frenectomy and post-frenectomy]! 

Pro Tip:

Don't be afraid to lay babe on their side. Side lying can be utilized after the 2 month mark! It's a nice option if you are still struggling with tummy time and you want to avoid a flat spot! You can use a pillow or blanket to prop them up and provide support in the back. 
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