Acid Reflux in Babies | Natural Remedies

massage for baby reflux
Watch our simple natural remedies for acid reflux in babies! As pediatric chiropractors, we treat acid reflux and silent reflux every day. Learn our favorite stretches and natural reflux techniques that we use in office and you can try at home.

Reflux Care & Natural Remedies:

When treating reflux, our pediatric providers focus on bodywork + stretching that directly impacts the anatomy of the condition. This always involves relaxing the diaphragm, massaging the abdomen to create space for the contents to settle, for  the relief of gas / air in the gastrointestinal tract. Try these techniques prior to baby feeding!

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Diaphragm Lengthening Massage for Reflux

Massaging the diaphragm creates space in the lower esophagus and the stomach to help relieve acid reflux naturally. 

Football Hold for Reflux in Babies

Utilizing a football hold for babies is a great way to implement many of our favorite stretches and natural techniques! The reflux remedy specifically places the baby's left side down. Left side-lying places allows gravity to help the stomach keep it's contents, helping acid reflux in babies!

Diaphragm Release for Reflux

The final technique also focuses on the diaphragm, but in a prone [tummy down] position. You can apply gentle upward pressure below the middle of the rib cage and massage outward. Tummy time is a great position to utilize for babies with reflux! The pressure on the tummy typically feels good, and it allows for the tense tissues/fascia to relax. If your babe isn't loving tummy time, watch our Tummy Time Alternatives.

Colic VS. Reflux

'Colic' is the a widely used term. The word 'colic' comes from the word 'colon' and references GI issues, particularly in infants. Colic can be diagnosed using the 3:3:3 Rule-- an infant crying for more than 3 hours per day, more than 3 days per week, and longer than 3 weeks in an infant who is well-fed and otherwise healthy. Therefore, some babes that suffer from reflux or silent reflux may have colic, but not every colicky baby is suffering from reflux. Colicky babies may be battling any type ambiguous gut issue such as : constipation, tightness, gas, etc. 

Tongue and Lip ties are often key causes of both colic and reflux. To learn more about the Connection Between Tongue Ties & Reflux, read our blog.

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