Ease Baby Constipation At Home

Ease baby constipation

Ease BABY CONSTIPATION at HOME! Constipation can be a real and frustrating problem for parents of infants. Fortunately, there are some simple baby exercises & massage techniques for constipation that you can use to help your little one with their bowel movements. In addition to kiddos adjustment in the office, you can try these stretches below!  

Baby Exercises for Contipation Ease

I-L-U Massage for Baby Constipation Ease

Our large intestine sits like an upside-down-U in our abdomen. In order to ease your baby's constipation, gently massage your baby's tummy following this shape! This baby massage can help stimulate bowel movements and ease constipation in babies. You will work in a clockwise motion and use light circular movements. First, start on the lower right side of the colon and work your way up to the rib cage. Then, work your way up and across their tummy. Finally, massage your way down their lower left side of their colon. The poop shoot is on the left side, so always ending there will help get their bowels moving! Sometimes we call this the I-L-U massage, because you draw an I, L, and U into the abdomen.

Hip Flexor Stretch

When your baby has 'tight hips' it can cause issues pooping regularly. Your baby's hip flexor attaches to their low back and outer thigh. When you stretch it regularly, you give more room for the colon to do its job. With baby on their back, apply light pressure to the hip flexor and gently move your baby's leg up, out and around. Almost like a bicycling motion! This will stretch their hip flexors and encourage bowel movements to ease baby constipation. You will want to stretch BOTH sides, however, we typically notice that the LEFT hip flexor is tighter in babe's with constipation. 


Knee-to-Chest Baby Exercise for Constipation

Movement is wonderful for baby constipation ease. But babies dont really move much...until they learn how! Move their lower body and pelvis with a knee-to-chest exercise. While your baby is lying on their back, gently bring their knees up to their chest and hold for a few secnds. Your baby might be wiggling - and that's ok. 

Side Body Stretch for Baby

This baby constipation exercise focuses on lengthening the sides of your baby’s torso. With your baby lying on their back, place one hand under their arm pit and the other along the side of their hip/thigh. 

Booty Massage for Baby Constipation

The booty constipation massage has to be one of our favorites for easing baby constipation! It's simple and be INCREDIBLY effective. We have had numerous blow outs in the clinic after doing this for babes. While baby is on their tummy, apply pressure to the glute [butt] region. You will want to be on either side of sacrum, near their sits bones. This will help stimulate bowel movement. You can also do booty shakes! Grab both of your baby's hips and gently shake side to side to encourage pelvic movement.

Sacral Pumping

The sacrum is the triangle-shaped bone that sits in the center of your pelvis. It has oodles of connections to skeletal muscles that control not only your baby's lower limbs, but also their pelvic floor! You can perform sacrum pumping or sacral rocking in a side lying position [see below] or with baby supported vertically. Both techniques are in the demonstrated in the video above.

Looking for more stretches & exercises for baby constipation?

Watch our YouTube Playist! We update it regularly. It has ALL of our baby constipation & gas relief techniques

Baby exercises for constipation

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Products for Baby Constipation & Gas

Below are some of the products we recommend for natural constipation relief. For the full list, CLICK HERE!

These are our favorite products that we use and recommend for our patients. We earn a small commission for products purchased using these links (at no additional cost to you).

 Lovebug Baby Probiotic Drops: For 0-12 months old.

Liquid. Flavorless. Mix into breast milk or formula. Alternatively, for breastfed babies, you can apply the probiotic to the nipple at feeding time. 

Contains 6 baby-specific strains of bacteria to provide targeted relief for colic, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, and gas. This baby probiotic also contains vitamin D.

No refrigeration needed. 

Probiotic baby constipation remedy

Earthley Infant Tummy Relief : Safe for all ages! This herbal tincture helps relief gas pains in your babe. It is a great natural alternative to OTC medications. 

Contains fennel to soothe upset tummies and ginger root to support gut health. As an added calming bonus, it also has catnip!

Infant tummy relief natural remedy

Earthley Good Night Lotion : This lotion is a clinic favorite!

Earthley uses magnesium chloride flakes, apricot oil, mango butter, shea butter, & candlella wax. Choose original [with lavender essential oils] or sensitive [unscented]. 

Safe for all ages & to use while pregnant or breast feeding. 

To Use: Apply a pea size to baby’s belly or the bottoms of the feet. If you notice loose stools, use less. 

Magnesium for baby constipation

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