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Fussy Babies

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Fussy Babies: 
Here we demonstrate some easy stretches that can be performed at home to loosen up baby. Babies can be tight for a variety of reasons - torticollis, tongue or lip ties, increased gassiness, if they sleep on their backs or are swaddled a lot, and other reasons! The first one is going to be for the pectoral girdle (chest + upper body). Hold babies arms in front of you and their head for stability, then rotate them around in a circle - this causes flexion, lateral flexion and extension! Once you're finished switch directions and go the opposite way. The next technique is used to open up the diaphragm. Start below the rib cage - right where the middle of the sternum is and placing both hands under babies abdomen gently traction upward. This will allow baby to fold over your hands and release tension in a tight diaphragm. The next technique works to release the pelvic girdle. Grab babies under their hips while they lay on their belly, then give them some hip + booty shakes! Finally, another alternative to work the diaphragm is to hold baby on their side in a football hold - left side down. Using your other hand you are going to start in the middle of the tummy right under the ribs (xiphoid process) and traction down and out to the side. This will help pull that diaphragm down on that left side and release any tension + break up any adhesions attaching to that sternum. 

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