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Ear + Sinus Drainage

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Ear + Sinus Drainage: 
Chiropractic is very beneficial for ear infections + sinus drainage as well. When we look at the cervical spine [neck] those same nerves control things like your eyes, ears, nose, + throat... So getting adjusted helps to create movement + space in these areas! 

Ear + sinus drainage: using one finger, go straight back on the hard pallet of the mouth, going back as far as it feels soft + squishy [where the hard pallet meets the soft pallet] and sweep straight out to the side, towards the ear. This helps drain the nasal sinuses. Then, to drain the ear specifically - follow the top gum line along the teeth, and sweep down the cheek line until you hit a little, firm ball [a gland with fluid in it]. This will help the middle ear fluid drain. We do this one kids 1x. *Eliciting a gag reflex is okay - that's how you know you went back far enough [and why we do this one sweep at a time]. 

For any ear + sinus congestion: tap lightly above the eyebrows, under the eye on the cheek bone, + rub both of those areas out to break up sinus congestion + encourage drainage. You can also gently massage from behind the ear, down the neck, to encourage lymphatic drainage!

Helpful Home Remedies: 

 - tea tree oil 

- garlic mullein drops 

- hot water rinse 

- breast milk 



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