Ear & Sinus Infections | Drainage Technique

Pediatric provider performing ear and sinus drainage technique on infant
When your little is dealing with ear congestion, clogged ears, or sinus infections, this drainage technique will work wonders! Our pediatric providers focus on drainage by working on the sinuses and lymph nodes on the external surface of the face as well as the auditory tube from the internal work. As a result, we are able to encourage proper fluid drainage, relieving congestion.

Clogged Ears & Sinus Infections:

The auditory tube connects our ears to the back of the throat, and it controls pressure  within the middle ear by directly influencing fluid drainage. In infants and young kids, the auditory tube sits more horizontal, making fluid drainage more challenging. As the face grows, the auditory tube sits more vertical which aids fluid drainage. Until this happens ear congestion, clogged ears, and subsequent infections are common. This technique will show you how to facilitate fluid movement [drainage] in the lymph system, ears, and sinuses.

External Lymph and Sinus Massage

A gentle lymph and sinus massage around the neck and face can help relief sinus congestion and improve sinus infection symptoms. Use circular motions and massaging towards the chest [downward] to help encourage fluid movement. We love to incorporate this technique with clogged ears too, as it can help everything from the head and neck drain.

Internal Oral Ear Drainage Technique

The internal drainage technique can take a bit of practice, for both you and your little one! However, once you both get the hang of it, it can be a game changer for all future sinus and ear problems. Follow the teeth back to the soft palate to help avoid the gag reflex. If you stimulate a gag response, let your little one fully recover until trying the technique again. Coughing after this is normal!

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