Marketing & Communication for a Female Based Chiropractic Clinic

Marketing & Communication for a Female Based Chiropractic Clinic


What a topic to write about! There are so many levels of detail that go into our marketing strategy. And let’s be honest - this has changed over time… many times. It seems that we are constantly reviewing our efforts and shifting to best meet the needs of our clinic. Here are five areas that we have focused on over the last year.



 When the clinic started we had monthly events to connect women together and bring them into the clinic. We did this so women could experience the clinic atmosphere while learning about various health topics. Every event had a special designed flyer that coordinated with matching social media marketing materials. Each month we would keep the overall design template the same and simply changed the color scheme and pictures - so it was easily recognized as a CHIRO FOR MOMS event. Nicole Dahl from Creative Studio was the original creator of our designs. As mentioned earlier, we’ve shifted our efforts over the last year and have since stopped doing monthly events. We realized that focusing our time and resources differently better suited other areas of the clinic that help women. 

 marketing materials




 We often meet with OBGYN clinics to talk to them about how we can help their patients throughout their pregnancy. To make this time efficient, we created a simple informational packet that covers every detail of the clinic and how we can best help them. This keeps us on track with our information we’re sharing and it also allows them to have a great resource after we leave. In the packet, each page has pictures to show exactly what the clinic looks like. As well as details about what we offer women in our clinic. It is very simple, but yet clear in the information that we share. 

Clinic Presentation 


 Communication is one of the most important aspects of our marketing. We pride ourselves on open communication with our patients. This comes in the form of personal emails to patients with customized stretching plans, follow up information, or referral information if necessary. We like to check in on our patients to know how they are feeling after treatment. We also keep up with our pregnant mamas. They always receive a complimentary adjustment and deep tissue stretching session after they’ve had their little one. This is because we know how important the first adjustment after pregnancy is and how great it can make you feel! Communication with our patients is one of the many details that sets us apart from most clinics. We value each and every patient. We are also cautious with the amount of communication we send out to our patients, we never want to overwhelm them with too many emails. We do a monthly newsletter to keep our community informed of anything special we have going on, whether that be a promotion or a unique blog we’ve shared, as well as pictures of fun things we have been up to. 




 Social media makes up a large part of our marketing efforts. To effectively manage all of these avenues, we have different ladies operating different channels. Facebook and Instagram make up most of our workload. Balancing all of the required aspects of social media can be a challenge. From posting to engaging, this can take a lot of time but we’ve learned to be efficient with our time. We do a lot of pre-planning and use scheduling tools for Instagram as well as Facebook’s built in scheduling tool. The engaging portion does come daily with these posts and is extremely important to keeping in touch with our patients. Social media has given us the opportunity to reach so many women that we couldn’t normally reach.  Keeping up with our brand on social media has also been a priority. From pictures, to brand colors, you will see that all over our instagram page. Again, this keeps our clinic easily recognizable by anyone that comes across our page. And lastly, when it comes to social media, we try to be as real and genuine as possible. We do very little editing or “re-takes” because we simply want to show you what our world is like inside the clinic. We are real women helping real women - and we always want to show you the “real” parts of us and the clinic! 




 When choosing a website, we needed something that allowed us to operate in the way we wanted with putting content out that we want. We also needed to be HIPPA compliant. We technically have two websites, but you would never know that! This allows us to comply with HIPPA regulations and also have our beautiful website with it’s content of videos, blogs, and information. Almost every day we are directing patients to our website through their customized stretches that we give them. Working on a website is a constant duty. We are looking at it every single week to make adjustments and updates to keep it fresh. We love to listen to our patient's feedback as well! We have actually learned many things about our website that we’ve been able to fix and implement because our patients feel comfortable to share that information with us. 



6. Promotions 

Promotions are another part of our marketing efforts. We have a few consistent promotions we run - like our free deep tissue stretching session for new patients - which we do on the second visit. We also have marketing materials for gift certificates available to our patients at all times. To make things exciting for patients, we will run different promotions on social media as well. We make this unique every time. It may mean a bonus for patients who are referring friends, or a special gift or add on for new patients. Twice a year we run a big gift certificate promotion that patients can look forward to! We started this during our clinic blackout times in the winter and summer. We give $300 of care for $200. We make it very easy for patients to purchase this and allow them to load it right into their account to use however they'd like. This has become something our patients look forward to when they're planning out their care. 


gift certificate promo



These are just a few of the areas we focus on with marketing and communication. When it comes to marketing - our main priority is to stay consistent. Consistent with our vision, our brand, and everything we are putting out into the world of social media and the internet!