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Brand Strategy - Creating a strong message with your branding

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

Crystal Blog

Starting the clinic - we knew the importance of brand strategy…. possibly because Dr. Jesse’s husband is in advertising. We wanted to create a strong message with our branding. 

We teamed up with Crystal Shawn @Crystal_Shawn to help with the start of this process. 


main logo 

Dr. Jesse had the name of the clinic picked out ( and the URL bought ) long before the clinic ever came to be! She had a vision and started sketching out her thoughts. She used the celtic symbol for motherhood and added some additional art to incorporate the spine. This is where it all began. Every part of the clinic has stayed true to this branding from the beginning. 


Crystal gave us a few color palette ideas for our branding and it was a an easy choice when we saw the coral, mint, blush, turquoise option! 

turquoise Mint logo




The branding of the clinic has stayed consistent across the board - so our clinic is easily identified by anyone who sees the color, name, or logo. You wouldn’t believe how many times we actually get stopped wearing a hat with just the logo and people say : "YOU’RE CHIRO FOR MOMS!" 



coffee logo


Why is branding so important?


Tips for creating a strong brand

1. Having a clear brand message allows customers, clients, or patients to easily identify you by seeing your logo anywhere. It makes doing social media, emails, or any other marketing simple when you stick to your brand. It takes the guess work out of what you're putting out there. 

2. Keeping everything consistent with the colors you've chosen creates a strong message of who you are. When patients or clients are out and about - seeing a certain color may bring your brand to their mind. 

3. Logo - this is probably one of the most important aspects of your branding. When choosing a logo - I like to remind people to think of all places this logo could go someday! Whether you are a large company, or a small startup, think big picture. Do you want your logo on apparel someday? If so, think through what will stand out but also be manageable for printing and using on apparel. Often times, companies can have big logos with many many colors, and this can be hard to translate cleanly onto apparel. You then lose part of your branding message if you have to scale back to make this work on apparel or swag. You then lose a part of your brand message and brand identification that you're trying to relay to the world! 

4. STAY CONSISTENT - Everything we do in the clinic revolves around our logo and brand colors. The space we created screams this! From the paint colors, to murals, to decorations and furniture. The atmosphere of our clinic is unique to our branding. This not only plays into what you see, but also what you hear and smell in our clinic. We have amazing music and smells of peppermint every time you walk through the doors. We also have kids areas in every room. Be unique and create an environment people won't want to leave!  

5. When you start a brand or company - be sure to secure all of your URL's and platforms that you can with your companies' name! Like we said above - Dr. Jesse had her URL purchased LONG before she opened her doors. As we shared with the logo process, think through your business name. Is it unique and does it speak to what you do? Can you secure the handles on all platforms of social media that you want to use? Whether or not you think you want to have all of these social media platforms, it is so important to grab the while you can - so in the future you have that option to use it!  

So there you have it - a few of our tips, tricks, and thoughts from our journey of creating a strong brand! 

We want to say a huge thank you to Crystal Shawn for helping us during this process - and for her amazing creative skills that she utilized in creating our brand logo and colors! Our brand would not be what it is without her guidance! If you want any help of ideas with brand strategy reach out to her at :




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