Celebrating One Year | 3 Pregnancy Stories

Celebrating One Year | 3 Pregnancy Stories
1 year stories
CHIRO FOR MOMS is officially turning 1 this Friday!
In lieu of this celebration, we thought we'd share some incredibly unique case studies of women we've worked with this past year.  We'll keep them succinct - and the names will be left out for confidentiality purposes - but we'll also keep them intimate so that you can understand how personal practice is for us.  We care for our patients endlessly and strive to offer them the best care possible!
You ready??? Here. We. Go.

The 1st Pregnancy Journey | Pain Free No Matter Your Age

1) A mama in her late 40's became a patient in her first trimester of pregnancy with her first baby.  She was apprehensive, especially due to her age and the fear surrounding a "geriatric" pregnancy.  We assured her of the safety and efficacy of treating early on in pregnancy, no matter her age.  We saw here a total of 8 times between that first visit and the time she delivered her baby. Her early symptoms consisted of "sharp/shooting" pains into her wrists/hands in addition to low back pain.  As she grew through her pregnancy, she dealt with more tailbone and upper back pain.  We worked with her through this, and she would experience relief for weeks on end.  By the end, even past her due date, she was moving beautifully and smiling, mostly pain free - aside from the general discomfort of being pregnant and swollen.

The 2nd Pregnancy Journey | Scoliosis & Pregnancy 

2) A mama in her 30's who had a long history of scoliosis and back surgeries to correct her spinal curve, came to our office in her 16th week of pregnancy - pregnant with twins.  Her main complaint immediately was pubic symphysis and round ligament pain.  We focused on adjusting her pelvis, coccyx and pubic symphysis, in addition to kinesiotaping her belly in the round ligament region to relieve pain in her areas of chief complaint.  We we're able to do typical adjustments due to the rods in her spine from previous surgeries, so we adapted the way we adjusted her upper back/neck region.  We were still able to get movement in those areas surrounding her mid back - and were able to work on a lot of the surrounding muscle tissue to get her relief and keep her mobile throughout her pregnancy.

The 3rd Pregnancy Journey | Beauty in Labor

3) A mama was referred to our office by her OB clinic - during her 34th week of pregnancy.  She presented with severe pain and "pinching" into her pelvic/ sciatic region.  The pain was so intense, it would limit her from bending/squatting/sitting at times.  In addition to the adjusting, we discussed options for pelvic isolation on an exercise ball, stretching and wearing a lumbopelivs "belly" band for pelvis support.  She was seen a total of 3 times in our office before delivering, and here's her birth story:
First child! Water broke 9pm and our doctor said to take our time since I wasn't contracting and head to the hospital to confirm it was in fact water broke. Oh it was! We all laughed over the phone as it kept coming out all over our floor. (going through towel after towel-like the movies when it gushes out 😂) We got to the hospital around 1130pm and our doula met us there. In my heart I wanted to get the contractions going naturally, but 5am came so soon and still no progress after trying everything. I was dilated and my doctor said I could try some drips of pitocon to get things moving. With my water already being broke I decided to go with small drops of pitocin after much consideration. There was no going back after that. They started and they kept getting intense. Breathing, keeping my mind on my uplifting playlist, amazing support from my doula, hubs, & doctor, 5 hours later she wanted to make her grand entrance. I pushed 4 times and she was on me. So many emotions, happy tears, and glory to God she was here and healthy. We delayed camping the cord, I got the golden hour with my baby girl skin to skin, and we watched as we got to see the placenta get put in a container for us to take home. I had the natural birth I prayed for and I give all glory to God for carrying me through and giving me the strength I never knew I had. The most amazing moment in my life was holding my healthy, precious girl I nutured for 9 months. She is so loved and to top it off, she was born on her due date 💟