Gift Guide for Babes | Toys for 0-2 Year Olds

Gift Guide for Babes | Toys for 0-2 Year Olds

If you’re looking for FUN toys for your baby, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our favorite baby — hand picked by our pediatric chiropractors!!

2023 Holiday Toy Guide for Development 

You can find all the toys on amazon OR shop directly from Hape Toys

Toys For 0-6 Months

  1. Beaded Rain Rattle : A clinic favorite! The docs and the patients LOVE using this toy during treatments. You can use it to entertain your little one during tummy time or diaper changes! Find it on amazon or at
    • PRO TIP : Use the rain rattle to encourage babe to look BOTH directions!
  2. Stay Put Rattles : We love these rattles because they are unique and versatile! The suction bottom of these rattles stick to most walls, countertops, mirrors, bathtubs etc. We use them in the clinic to encourage trunk and upper body mobility in the clinic. Find it on amazon or at
  3. Baby to Toddler Set : These toys are the perfect size for babes 0 to 6 months. They are small enough for them to hold and too big to swallow. They sell these cuties as a set of 3 or a set of 5!
  4. Geometric Rattles : Can your baby have too many rattles? We think not. This geometric rattle set includes 3 shaped rattle toys, each with their own unique sound for your little one to explore. Find it on amazon.
    • BONUS : It’s made from Japanese rice-based materials which is safe & non toxic. So your mind can be at ease when these rattles inevitability end up in a tether’s mouth!
  5. Mirror Shape Puzzle : The perfect first puzzle! There are 3 simple shapes accompanied by a knob fit for tiny hands and mirrors to keep even the youngest learners intrigued. Find it on amazon or at 

Gifts For Babes on the Move

Walkers & Carts : Looking to encourage your babe to take their first steps? Find them a cart or push toy! Carts and push toys can help add stability and balance for new walkers. As they age, they will love using their cart for imaginative

1. Musical Walker 2. Wonder Walker
3. Wooden Cart 4. Block & Roll Cart

Pull-a-Longs : For little ones that are relatively new to independent walking, a pull-a-long toy can help encourage some independence and confidence! Find all the pull-alongs HERE!
PRO TIP : Challenge kids who have mastered walking by asking them to walk backwards with the

1. Pepe Puppy  2. Kitty & Ball
3. Crocodile 4. Frog Family

    For Babes that Love to Build

    1. Stacking Pebbles :  These stacking pebbles are so fun to stack and ‘build’ with. Each pebble is a different size, shape and weight which adds a bit of a challenge for your little one! 
    2. Stacking Arch : Arctic & Safari  
    3. Traditional Building Blocks : A staple in any toy room! Building blocks are something that will grow with your babe and they will continue to use and love. 
    4. Train Set : Babes and toddlers love the simple train sets we have in the clinic. They have enough pieces for creativity without being too complex and overwhelming. 

    Toys that Promote Fine Motor

    With older kids, we can start to encourage their fine motor development! Puzzles are a big favorite for young toddlers. The trick is to find ones that are challenging enough but not frustrating. 

    1. Peg Puzzle : Endless options with no ‘right’ solution. 
    2. Go-Fish-Go Magnetic Puzzle : Magnet puzzles are perfect for car rides!
    3. Caterpillar Fruit Fest : One of our favorite finds on the list— we love this string fruit. Toddlers can focus and perfect fine motor movements by stringing ‘fruit’ onto the ‘caterpillar’. 
    4. MagnaTiles : Magnatiles have been all the rage the past few years… here’s why. The magnetic tiles are large enough to not be a chocking hazard. 
    5. Alphabet Animal Parade Puzzle : An alphabet puzzle is a fun way to implement required skills into daily play! Make it part of your kid’s daily routine and you’ll be surprised what they pick up!

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