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How I Stay Injury Free With A Physically Demanding Job + No Time

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

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To me, the most important thing I can do is to practice what I preach.  I have a physical job, so I truly have to stay strong in order to do my job.  I can’t suffer from low back pain or other body aches.  It’s literally not an option for me.  But, in saying that, I also don’t have a lot of time in my day to physically get to the gym or workout every day.


I’m going to lay out what I do.  And maybe, just maybe, it’ll help some of you to not just stay strong, but to also allow yourself some grace and self love … so that you don’t feel guilty for not working out or being perfect with your time every single day of your life.


My weekly goals : 

  • 3 HIIT (high intensity intermittent training … weights, strengthening, core) workouts
  • mini (4 minute) yoga routine EVERY single night
  • 2 long family walks over the weekend
  • 7 hours of sleep most nights
  • back extension stretches on my exercise ball between patients and computer work (because I’m already sitting on it)
  • back pillow while I drive in the car
  • more back extension cobra stretches intermittently throughout the day


My schedule : 


MONDAY : HIIT workout with mini yoga routine at night in front of the TV


TUESDAY : mini yoga routine at night in front of the TV


WEDNESDAY : HIIT workout with mini yoga routine, again at night in front of the TV


THURSDAY : mini yoga routine at night in front of the TV, with some extra extension cobra stretches


FRIDAY : mini yoga routine and shortened HIIT workout at work (during lunch because I know that I won’t want to do anything at home this night, because I’m so worn out from the week)


SATURDAY : mini yoga routine in the morning + mid-day walk with my family


SUNDAY : mid-morning walk with my family after donuts (because this has been family tradition for nearly 8 years), then mini yoga routine in the evening


I’ve learned to pretty much stick to this.  It’s attainable and also keeps me feeling good.  I hope this is helpful.  And perhaps if you’re struggling to find your own routine, this will give you some ideas.


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