It's been ONE YEAR!!!

It's been ONE YEAR!!!

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I will never forget the day Dr. Jesse drove me to the building of what would soon become CHIRO FOR MOMS. We were driving back from an event and she wanted to stop to “show me something.” We pulled up in front of this empty clinic. I knew she had a dream of starting her own clinic that specialized in women….but I had no idea this was about to begin! We walked up to the door and she pulled out a set of keys. I was shocked! She opened the door and showed me an empty space that would soon become CHIRO FOR MOMS! 

 Jesse and Stef

I have known Dr. Jesse for about 5 years now. We actually met in our neighborhood on a spring day, each of us out playing with our kiddos.  Our first time connecting as friends was on a crazy run she encouraged me to go on with her through the muddy streets of our neighborhood at the time. We laughed the entire time as we could barely lift our legs to make it through! 


I have always loved that Dr. Jesse dreams big dreams, and executes them!  She has so many amazing visions that I’ve seen come to life throughout our years of friendship. Before these doors actually opened for the first time - I knew she had a dream of starting a clinic that catered to women’s needs. I never doubted that she wouldn’t be wildly successful in this. To be honest - I just never knew I would get to be a part of this journey with her. 

 Day one

As far as chiropractic care goes,  I had only one experience with chiropractic care before Dr. Jesse, and I would describe it as - just alright. I was trying to seek relief for migraines and felt like there was no progress with my visits ( and treatment plan of multiple times a week) , as treatments would usually only allow for one area of my body to be adjusted each visit. I never felt like my needs were heard or really met for that matter. 


Then came Dr. Jesse! Her approach to chiropractic care changed my mind on trying this again! She is so gentle, but thorough with her adjustments. I was never afraid to let her try different techniques. Letting someone adjust your neck when you’re not familiar with this can be so frightening! Dr. Jesse always talked me through the process, which helped greatly. Her suggestions on treating me only when I was in pain, really allowed me to trust that she wasn’t doing this just to bring patients in for unnecessary treatments, but that she was really helping my body! I learned to know when my body felt aligned, and when I needed to be treated. I do keep up with a monthly adjustments which has helped reduce the flare ups before they even come! I now have less migraines then ever before in my life! 


OK….back to the actual clinic now! I got to spend many fun nights at the clinic before the doors opened, painting and hanging things on the walls together. I watched this space transform into the beautiful clinic that it is now! Dr. Jesse’s passion for details can be seen throughout every inch of CHIRO FOR MOMS.  It has been so fun to walk alongside her in this process as her dream unfolded. She is one of the hardest working women I know and I knew this clinic would be one of the greatest spaces for women to come into! She has a huge heart and passion for women and their care. From day 1, she has wanted to have a cozy space that women could enjoy, and also trust that they’re receiving the best care possible - and that has happened with CHIRO FOR MOMS!!!


I was so happy to be able to join her on this journey behind the scenes for many months, and then officially become a part of the team last November! Working at CHIRO FOR MOMS and seeing the women that are changed from coming in brings me so much joy! 


Watching Dr. Jesse open this clinic, working endless hours to make this happen, and seeing where it has come in just one short year is absolutely incredible!