The Best Magnesium Lotions Compared

The Best Magnesium Lotions Compared

Magnesium lotion is one of our top recommended products in clinic!  It's amazing for patients of all ages and safe to use while pregnant and postpartum.  It is also safe for children of all ages - newborn + beyond. Being a lotion, it's easy to use anytime and can aid in healing a handful of conditions!  

All About Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is necessary for many bodily functions. There are 11 types of magnesium that support the health and well being of our bodies.  Within the body these 11 different types support muscles, bones, nerves, liver function, metabolism, and blood sugar levels [to name a few]!  Magnesium is known to support around 300 different functions in our bodies. Your body does not make magnesium, so it is essential that we get this mineral in other ways. The National Institute of Health recommends the following daily intakes:

National Institute of Health Magnesium Recommendations

Magnesium and stress are reciprocal.  Low levels of magnesium in your body can cause more tension in your muscles, and an appropriate level of magnesium supports relaxation. For this reason, we could all use a little extra magnesium in our lives.  

Forms of Magnesium Absorption

Foods that are generally rich in magnesium include greens, seeds, nuts, dry beans, whole grains, oat brain and wheat. It is generally considered safe to supplement magnesium at safe doses, but we always suggest consulting a medical professional before beginning any supplement.  

Another great way to absorb magnesium is through the skin!  It's common knowledge that an epsom salt bath can help with aches and pains from illness, injury or overwork.  If you've ever taken an epsom salt bath, you recognize just how relaxing it can feel.  When you don't have the time for a bath (we see you, Mama), magnesium lotion is a great alternative! Below is a review & comparison of the two magnesium lotions we recommend most in our clinic.  

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Earthly Goodnight Lotion

Every ingredient in the Earthly Goodnight Lotion is intentionally added to support your body in relaxation.  Each teaspoon of this incredible lotion contains 100mg of magnesium in the form of magnesium chloride flakes.  This gentle form of magnesium supports detoxification and promote relaxation.  The base of the lotion is anti-inflammatory apricot oil, mango and shea butter.  All three being rich in antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and soothe the skin.  Candelilla Wax adds to skin hydration, and one of our favorite parts of this lotion is it's incredible smell coming from lavender essential oils. 

The lotion is free from all the bad stuff, and third party tested to ensure safety which is what makes it safe to use at all ages and stages of life.  It's our go to in the Kidz room. We use it regularly on babies and toddlers and pregnant women.  When applied to the low back, we see great relief with constipation challenges and highly recommend anyone going through sleep struggles apply a small amount to the neck before bed. Though we have many families who swear by applying it to the bottom of the feet for general support.  

With a slightly thicker and more oily consistency, Earthly's Goodnight Lotion is great for massage.  It's smooth texture allows your hand to slide along tight muscles more easily while working the lotion into the skin. This is a lotion you will find on our must-haves list for nearly every condition we treat for Women & Kidz!

Kirkman Epsom Salt Lotion

Another lotion that is at the top of our list is this Kirkman Epsom Salt Cream.  This one is very similar to taking an actual epsom salt bath with it's magnesium coming in the form of magnesium sulfate.  This form of magnesium is a little bit more potent than the magnesium chloride in Earthly's Goodnight Lotion, so we typically keep it in our women's rooms.  It also provides 100mg of magnesium per gram. 

This is a great options for those that are sensitive to smells, as it is a fairly odorless cream.  It also is a lightweight, non-greasy cream making it easier to use on the go.  The Kirkman Epsom Salt Cream is our go-to for muscle stiffness and pain.  We love rubbing it on a tight neck or a sore back to support relaxation in clinic.  And it's a great option for those spots that no matter how hard you try can't get to soak in the bath water.  We also see a lot of patients keep it with them to quickly massage into a sore muscle between kid pick-ups, errands or meetings! 

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