Baby Carrier Ergonomic Review

Baby Carrier Ergonomic Review

Baby wearing is a great way to connect with your baby while keeping your hands free to make dinner or play with another child.  We get asked almost daily what baby carrier will ergonomically best support the mamas we treat, and decided what better way to find out than to try the seven we hear about most! 

Criteria for the Baby Carrier Ergonomic Review

Your body has already worked miracles in growing, carrying and bringing that sweet baby into this world.  It's important that you have strong ergonomic support as you continue to carry that baby. We used the following criteria to rate each of these carriers on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 means the carrier 'needs improvement' and 5 means 'this is it!' : 

1. Core [ Pelvic Floor ] Support

As our bodies heal from vaginal or cesarian delivery, it's important to consider how baby wearing impacts the muscles in our pelvic floor.  For this we looked at how supportive each carrier felt once secured around the wearer's waist, the thickness of the lower band, and where that band sat on the abdomen.  We considered the way a carrier might impact a healing cesarian scar, or take weight off of an already heavy feeling pelvic floor and support proper posture to keep the core canister in tact while wearing.  

2. Back [ Low Back ] Support

It's no mystery that the weight of a baby in the front  puts stress on your back.  We looked at how strap width, the addition of a lumbar support piece, and the ability to tighten the strap influence the way wearing your baby impacts your lower back.  We considered history of back problems, type of delivery and the overall comfort each carrier provides.  

3. Get It On Without Help 

We often wear our babies because we don't have a second set of hands around to do the dishes or dress the toddler. You almost never have someone to strap the baby into a carrier.  We looked at how you strap the carrier around your body and over your shoulders, and how easy it is to adjust each carrier to your own body.  We considered whether you'd have to have the flexibility to reach behind your back to clasp. Could clasp under your arm instead? And what features made this task easier on the parent. 

4. Shoulder Support

One of the top reasons parents quit wearing their babies is the strain on your shoulders.  We looked at padding, strap width, and style to determine how supportive each of these carriers would be.  We considered whether or not the carrier pulled your shoulders out of alignment, and how well you could maintain good posture while baby wearing. 

What to Consider for Kidz

It is important to ensure any carrier you buy is considered "hip healthy" by the IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute). In a carrier, baby's hips should make an 'M' shape to support proper hip development. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends all babies be worn inward facing until 6 months because that promotes the best hip development by keeping baby's legs in a deep 'M' shape.  This 'M' shape is the shape a baby's legs take when we are carrying them without a carrier. 

Additionally, you want to make sure that you are following TICKS when you place your baby in the carrier.  We explain TICKS here: 

T.I.C.K.S for safe Babywearing 

We also recommend making sure the carrier you choose is CPSIA and ASTM (Consumer Product Safety) compliant for safety reasons. You know we love a good dupe, but carriers are one place we will always recommend spending the money for the real deal. Your baby's safety is in the 'hands' of the carrier! 

Carriers Reviewed for Baby Carrier Ergonomic Review


The Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier is a top ranking option in our review.  With strong lower back, core and pelvic floor support it is a great option for all moms. It is  certainly great for those dealing with diastasis recti and other postpartum core canister challenges.  Similarly, we recommend this one to our c-section moms who need all the support! 

The Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier supports four different positions. It is breathable and a great option for all seasons. Designed to grow with your baby from their earliest newborn stage through toddlerhood by confidently supporting children between 7 and 45 pounds.  


The Lillebaby Elevate baby carrier is also a great option for our moms needing additional core, back and pelvic floor support.  A feature we can't stop talking about with this one is the magnetic clasp in the back that makes it a breeze to put on without help!  

This carrier also holds children between 7 and 45 pounds and can be worn in four ways.  Your purchase includes an infant positioning pillow that allows you to carry your baby in a fetal position while they are very young.  Plushly padded and made from cotton, it is comfortable yet breathable.  With an adjustable head support, sun shade, and coming in a variety of colors we highly recommend this carrier.    

Happy Baby

The Happy Baby Revolution Carrier is a nice lightweight option for our moms who already have a strong core, pelvic floor and lower back and babies that aren't experiencing any issues with hip development. 

This carrier has four supported positions, and is made for babies between 7 and 45 pounds.  It is one of the lightest carriers on the market and has an included sun shade making it a great option for families that travel often or live in warmer climates.  The Happy Baby Revolution Carrier also comes in many stylish colors  giving you the option to express yourself while wearing your baby.  

Happy Baby is offering our community a discount on carriers purchased through their website.  Use code CHIROFORMOMS to receive 10% off your purchase!


Worth the hype, the Zeitgeist carrier is a dreamy carrier designed with comfort in mind.  In addition to soft fabric and unique details, this carrier is a great option for all caregivers.  It offers strong support for the wearer and baby alike.  

The Zeitgeist Baby Carrier can be worn in three ways and support babies between 7 and 45 pounds.  The padded shoulder straps, waistband and neck cushion make the carrier easily customizable.  The Zeitgeist has a minimalistic design and unique fabrics that offer an appealing aesthetic. Artipoppe prides themselves on responsibility and longevity.

Baby Tula

The Baby Tula Free to Grow baby carrier is another top choice for our c-section moms and moms with postpartum core and pelvic floor challenges!  It adjusts easily to support proper hip development, and encourages a nice wide "M" position for baby as they are held close to your chest.  

The Free to Grow carrier is designed to carry your baby in two ways from 7 to 45 pounds.  It is easily adjustable for growth and comfort, and comes in a variety of materials and patterns making it highly customizable.  The wide waistband helps hold baby's weight, and the padded shoulders give the wearer a secure and comfortable support.

Baby Tula is offering our community a discount on purchases made through their website!  Use code CHIRO15 for 15% off your purchase.  


If you are looking for strong upper body support (what postpartum mama isnt?!), this is the carrier for you!  With a double-wrap waistband, this carrier is a home run in overall back support. It helps support pelvic floor, and encourages that deep 'M' in baby's hips.   

You can choose to wear your baby in two ways with this carrier while baby is between 7 and 45 pounds. The organic linen material comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and is machine washable!  With padding on the shoulder and waist straps, it is is made with your comfort in mind! You can even wear the straps in TWO ways.

Purchase the Wildbird Aerial baby carrier from and use the code CHIROFORMOMS10 for 10% off your order. The Wildbird Aerial carrier is also available on amazon.


Another carrier we consider to be worth the hype is the Bumpsuit Armadillo carrier.  It's equipped with cross back shoulder straps that make it great for caretakers that experience forward rounding in their shoulders.  With strong low back and core support, we also consider this one a top option for those moms experiencing postpartum core and pelvic floor challenges. 

This carrier is made to carry babies from newborn to toddlerhood (7 to 45 pounds) in two positions.  Made from plush boucle fabric with padded shoulder and lumbar supports, the Armadillo is designed for baby and wearer comfort.  A water bottle hook doubles as a leash holder for furry friends making it friendly for the whole family! Plan ahead! The Bumpsuit Armadillo carrier is often on backorder. 


Comprehensive Review of All Carriers reviewed for Baby Carrier Ergonomic Review

Are you interested in trying out one of these carriers before you invest?  We have each of them available for try on in our clinic.  We invite you to stop by our clinic anytime we are open to try them on with or without your little to determine which will be best for you specifically!

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