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C-Section Recovery with a Chiropractor


Cesarean sections (C-sections) are surgical methods of delivering a baby. C-sections can be common in women who develop pregnancy complications or those who do not want to deliver vaginally! Whatever the birth process looks like, it is important to recognize that recovery post C-section is so important & it is going to look different for every woman!

Here's what we'll talk about in this blog:

  1. C-section 101
  2. When can chiropractic come in?
  3. Nursing / carrying holds to help support the body in healing
  4. Nutrition support
  5. Scar rehab
  6. Movement post c-section
  7. Pelvic floor recovery
  8. Great tools / products to c-section support
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C-Section Recovery 101

Cesearan sections [C-sections] are a major abdominal surgery. Often times c-section recovery is overlooked postpartum, which can lead to a variety of issues… if not now, then you may find yourself struggling in the long run. After your visible scar heals, which usually takes 6-7 weeks, you can start the recovery process! Regardless of how long ago you had your c-section, you can work on healing and recovering [yes, even if it was 20 years ago]!!

BEFORE your scar heals, be mindful of your movements. This is tricky with a newborn in the mix, but truly the most important piece is to REST! Don’t lift more than the weight of your baby, limit trips up and down stairs, and avoid trying to use your core. This means you’ll have to modify simple movements like getting out of bed! 

When can chiropractic come in? 

For both vaginal births and C-sections we recommend waiting TWO WEEKS postpartum to give yourself some time to heal and enjoy your new bundle of joy!

We use our specialized pregnancy pillow that has unique spaces for mom's healing belly and breasts - this means we can safely see you prior to the 6 week mark!  

Nursing/Carrying Holds for Postpartum Recovery:


C-Section Recovery Nutrition: 

Following a cesarean [ or vaginal ] birth, mama & babe have been given a LOT of antibiotics + pain medications so the gut has been wiped of helpful bacteria essential to digestion. Some women may have painful bloating, constipation or generally poor digestion following a c-section!

Here are our favorite nutritional support options: 

  • PROBIOTIC [ support gut health + prevent yeast overgrowth / "thrush" ] 
  • ELECTROLYTES [ for hydration ] 
  • CARMINATIVE HERBS [ to reduce gas + promote digestion - peppermint, cloves, basil, thyme, garlic, ginger, lemon, cumin ] 
  • PROTEIN [ to help replenish blood + nutrients following surgery ] 
  • IRON [ to support blood replenishment post-surgery ] 
  • VITAMIN C [ for wound healing + to help with iron absorption ] 

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C-Section Scar Rehab: 

Rehabbing a c-section scare can seem scary, and we are here to re-assure you that it is OKAY! Once the scar is fully closed + healed, we can start to think about ways to help further support the healing process + minimize the amount of scar tissue. 

  • Acupuncture [ to help further heal your scar ]
  • Cupping [ to break up scar tissue ]
  • Lymphatic Massage / Drainage [ decrease inflammation ] 
  • Personal Scar Massaging
  • Re-generate Scar Tissue + Neurological Input 
    • take a washcloth and rub lightly / gently over the scar
    • the shower is a good place to do this

Exercises After a C-Section: 

Once you have had the proper amount of time to rest and recovery [ 6 weeks at least / with approval from your provider ] it is time to start thinking about adding in some movement! 

Below are some great options to support recovery post c-section! 

Pelvic Floor Recovery: 

The pelvic floor plays a large roll in recovery post c-section! Even though babe was delivered via a cesarean section, the pelvic floor went through many of the same changes and involvement as a vaginal delivery.

The pelvic floor is responsible for supporting the floor of the pelvis + your growing babe! Read our latest blog on pelvic floor + the postpartum lower body listed below.

  • adjustments [ sacrum + pubic bone attachments to pelvic floor muscles ]
  • pelvic floor PT 
  • pelvic floor recovery BLOG 
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Tools & Products for C-Section Recovery

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