Tula Baby Carrier Review

Tula Baby Carrier Review

Baby wearing can be a way for moms to hold their babe’s throughout the day while keeping their hands free. It is also a great way to connect with your little one. Keep reading for our Tula Baby Carrier Review!

Tula Free To Grow Baby Carrier

The Baby Tula Free to Grow baby carrier is a top choice for our c-section moms and moms with postpartum core and pelvic floor challenges! With our Baby Tula carrier review, we looked at 6 major features//characteristics: the core support, the low back support, the shoulder support, how easy it is to put on alone, baby hip position, & cost. 

It is easily adjustable for growth and comfort, and comes in a variety of materials and patterns making it highly customizable. The wide waistband helps hold baby's weight, and the padded shoulders give the wearer a secure and comfortable support.

Baby Tula carriers are CPSIA and ASTM (Consumer Product Safety) compliant.

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1. The Core Support

The Baby Tula Free to Grow baby carrier is a top choice for our c-section moms and moms with postpartum core and pelvic floor challenges! As our bodies heal from cesarian delivery, it's important to consider how baby wearing impacts the muscles in our core & pelvic floor.

When we reviewed the Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier, we found that this carrier felt secure around the wearer's waist and the thickness of the lower band was appropriate. Overall it scored a 5 out of 5 in core support, making it an ideal option for moms recovering from a c-section or those who need extra core or pelvic floor support!

2. The Back Support

The Tula Baby Carrier scored a 3 out of 5 in back support. There is a strap that lays across the low back, in the lumbosacral area. The strap location helps provide support to this area, however it’s not overly cushioned.

3. The Shoulder Support

The Tula Free To Grow Carrier has adequate shoulder support. We gave it a 3 out of 5 overall. The shoulder straps are well cushioned, however, the straps do not cross in the back, it goes straight across. [Having a cross-back design helps take some of the load off the shoulders as baby grows!]

4. How Easy Is It to Get On?

When it comes to getting this baby carrier on solo, we gave it a 4 out of 5! We found some difficulty hooking the back strap, which you can see demonstrated in the video above. It is still relatively simple to get on without the help of others. 

5. Babe’s Positioning & Support

This particular carrier provides great support for babe’s growing hips! It adjusts easily to support proper hip development, and encourages a nice wide "M" position for baby as they are held close to your chest. 

Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier can hold 7 to 45 pounds! It can be worn two ways: front carry facing in & back carry.

6. The Cost

The Tula Baby Carrier is relatively affordable, priced at $179.00. This is one of the more affordable, high end options for baby carriers! 

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