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Sinus & Ear Congestion Relief for Adults

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Learn our infamous ear drainage technique! This technique targets sinus & ear congestion by encouraging fluid in the sinuses and ear to drain. This simple technique can be done at home to provide ear drainage and relieve pressure in sinuses. During pregnancy, and the changing of the seasons, you may find yourself struggling with this type of discomfort. Use these techniques to provide ear congestion relief. 


Step 1

Make sure your hands are clean for this technique! We use gloves in the clinic when we are working on patients - that is always an option for you too! First, relax the jaw open and insert your index finger into the mouth. Keep in mind, If you have a sensitive gage reflex you can follow the teeth line back to get to the target area. Go back until you feel the roof of the mouth go from hard to soft [the point where the hard palate meets the soft palate].

Step 2

Then, apply pressure from the middle of the palate to the outside border of the mouth using a sweeping technique with your finger. This is will target sinus congestion! Remember - sinus and ear congestion are closely related, so we do both! We typically perform this sweep about 3 times on both sides to encourage sinus drainage. It is normal for this area to be tender! You may notice one side is more tender than the other, which typically correlates to congestion blockage.

Step 3

Follow same technique as STEP 1, but you'll go further back this time - behind the teeth- to really target the ear. Similarily, apply a good amount of pressure and swipe in the same way as before [up and out] with your index finger. The eustachian tube drains into the nasopharynx [back of the throat]. You may feel the sinus and ear drainage as a result after performing this technique!

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