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Ear and Sinus Drainage for Adults!

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
Ear + Sinus Drainage in Adults: 
Here we are talking ear + sinus drainage. Sinus referring to the multiple cavities in the skull where your sinuses are located. These often become congested due to a variety of reasons - including pregnancy! In terms of the ear, your middle ear is made up of 3 tiny bones called ossicles. The eustachian tube carries fluid from the middle ear to the throat. By working on the inside of the mouth, near the back of the throat, we can stimulate drainage in the middle ear! For purposes of the video, we have removed her mask only briefly, but this technique can be very easily performed at home on yourself! Beginning with the sinuses, follow along the top of the mouth to where the soft palate meets the hard palate - this feels like a "bump." Perform a "swooping" motion and massage that tissue to help drain the sinuses. You will then go back just a bit further, eliciting a gag reflex, and perform the same technique for ear drainage. The next piece to this is to adjust the ears themselves. Using a firm grasp, open up the canal of the ear by tractioning + creating space. This is a "J" movement, and you might hear a "pop" due to the connection of those tiny ossicles to the middle ear. Finally, there are multiple lymph nodes located in the neck and under the jaw. Using firm pressure, massage downward to help promote drainage of fluid within those lymph nodes. Lastly, you can apply pressure to the sinuses themselves, or give them a tap, to promote further fluid drainage. 

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