How to Drain Ear & Sinus Fluid | Congestion & Infection Relief + Hacks

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Learn how to drain fluid from the ear and reduce sinus pressure at home. Use these techniques to help your lymphatic system and promote drainage in the sinuses and ear.

The ear and nose have direct connections. This helps explain why sinus congestion can lead to an infection not only in the sinuses but also the ears! It’s also why you feel like your ears are clogged or full when you have a sinus infection. We can help improve sinus & ear drainage with gentle lymphatic massage! 

Collarbone & Neck Massage for Lymph Support

If you're suffering from fluid build up in the ear or congestion in the sinuses, you actually want to start here!

A large collection of lymph nodes live around your collarbone [clavicle]. We recommend massaging in a circular motion above and below the collarbone on BOTH sides. If you find a tender spot, hang out for a bit!

A trail of lymph nodes lives on either side of the neck. They play a role in any immune response happening above your shoulders. That’s why you can get a sore neck from an upper respiratory infection even if you aren’t coughing much! We target the sides of the neck, under the sternocleidomastoid muscle, to support lymphatic drainage. This muscle starts behind the ear and travels down to connect to the clavicle [collarbone] and sternum. We love to use peppermint lotion, get yours here.

Sinus & Ear Drainage Massage

Your fascial sinuses can become full feeling and painful, especially when a sinus infection sets in. A mini fascial can help relieve the sinus pressure.

The frontal sinuses are just above the eyebrow, slightly towards the ear. You can find the maxillary sinuses on either side of your nose. Use circular motions or repetitive tapping over both.

How to Drain Fluid from the Middle Ear & Sinuses

A lymphatic massage inside the mouth can support both the ear and sinuses. If you have an earache from sinus pressure, this technique will be your BFF! By gently sweeping inside the mouth, we can relieve sinus pressure and drain fluid from the ear.

Make sure your hands are clean for this technique! We use gloves in the clinic when we are working on patients; that is always an option for you too!

Remember, sinus and ear congestion are closely related, so we do both! We typically perform this sweep about 3 times on both sides to encourage sinus drainage. Tenderness is normal!

To drain the middle ear, you will have to travel further back in the mouth! The eustachian or auditory tube drains into the nasopharynx [the back of the throat], that is NOT what you are trying to reach for!

The goal is to target and stretch the levator veli palatini muscle to drain the middle ear. This muscle connects directly to the auditory tube. When functioning properly, it aids in ear fluid drainage. Unfortunately, a Eustachian tube massage itself isn't truly feasible, since it sits within your skull.

Apply a good amount of pressure and swipe in the same way as before [up and out] with your index finger. You may feel the sinus and ear drainage as a result on this finger sweep technique!

If you are still struggling with sinus pressure, clogged ears, or other ear symptoms, try these other techniques.

Looking to try this technique on your little one? Try our : Kidz Ear Drainage Technique

Products for Ear & Sinus Drainage

1. Saline Mist

2. Saline Inhaler

3. Garlic Mullein Drops

4. Humidifier

5. Peppermint Essential Oil

Diffuse in your daily spaces & before bed. It can help open the airways!

6. Nebulizer for Congestion Relief

Homemade saline solution requires the following: 4 cups of distilled or boiled [ for at least 20 minutes ] water + 2 teaspoons [ tsp ] of noniodized salt. Keep in an airtight storage container with a lid, such as a bottle. * Make a new solution daily / every 24 hours.

7. Products for Immune Support

If you're looking for more ear and sinus congestion products, we've made you a SHOPPING LIST.

Acupuncture For Sinus Congestion Relief

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