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Hip flexor / Iliopsoas stretching modifications

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on

 We're going over stretches for your hip flexor, your iliopsoas. This is a really important muscle that starts here in your groin, attaches to your pelvis and keeps going. It wraps around and attaches to every one of your low back vertebrae so this is a big important muscle to stretch for things like sciatic and low back pain.
The first thing we're going to have you do is get into basically your runners lunge. You keep your knee at 90 degrees, put your hand on your other knee that's against
the table. You want to be against something so that you can really drop
through your pelvic floor. You're going to twist, use this hand to push your torso
backwards you can look up over your opposite shoulder. You want to feel the stretch here but be looking in the opposite direction and that should get you a really nice stretch through this front portion. If that's not accessible to you we have
a lot of different ways that you can do this. You can first of all use a sofa, a table,
anything like that to lean against. You're going to put your leg back and you're going to twist into it but going in the opposite direction. Going this way i'm going to feel it on this side but be looking over here. If for some reason that doesn't serve you, and you're not feeling it, another way you can do it is to get up on the table. Now for this one i'm going to be feeling it on this side. You can use a sofa or your bed, something that lends support but you will need to have enough give or enough pushback. Really bring your torso up and then you're going to twist opposite of the leg that's up and stretching. So i'm feeling it over here, leaning away from it over here and you can move your leg outward if you need. Another way you can do this is to get against a wall and all you're going to do is keep that leg back. So I'm going to be feeling the stretch through here. You're going to lean in and twist opposite. As you lean in and twist you can get a big side body stretch and big hip flexor stretch. If none of that is accessible to you and you're just needing to stretch, say in an office, and you just want to do something quickly you can take your leg, put it behind your other one and then you're going to take your arms, the same side
that's behind is the same arm that's going up and being pulled to the side so you're
creating a big side body stretch through here. Lastly if none of those are working for
you, what you can do is lay on something, again like a sofa or your bed, and you're basically going to scooch up against the edge, bring your body over, make sure you're not going to fall off, and then bring your leg back even further. You'll get a nice stretch through here.

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