Pregnancy Stretches for Low Back Pain

Stretches for lower back pregnancy

Learn our favorite pregnancy stretches for back pain! Pregnancy low back pain starts at varying times during pregnancy. It is not uncommon for women to experience low back discomfort during the first trimester, as the hormone relaxin is peaking. Stretching, strengthening, and mobilizing the low back can help relieve pain and muscle tension, which will lead to improved day-to-day functioning.  

Why Do You Want to Stretch during Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there are a lot of changes that take place. Women may notice their growing belly & breast tissue, but they may over look how these changes impact their posture and their body's ability to move well. That is, until they start having pain. Stretching during pregnancy is one way to reduce the likihood of pain symptoms OR improve the pain symptoms you are already experiencing! By addressing tight muscles, you can address the root cause of your back pain. 

Posture changes pregnancy

Top 6 Pregnancy Low Back Stretches

What you'll need:

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1. Cat / Cow during Pregnancy

A good cat/cow stretch can be helpful for a variety of pain conditions you may experience during your pregnancy journey, including lower back pain. Cat/Cow isn’t just a lower back stretch, it focuses on flexion and extension through the entire spine. Start on your hands and knees. Breathe in while you raise your back up towards the sky, then exhale as you lower your belly toward the floor.

2. Thread the Needle

When we are stretching for pregnancy pain relief, we like to move in different planes of motion. Incorporating this back stretch emphasizes rotation in the middle and lower spinal regions. Spinal rotation during pregnancy can be difficult, especially as baby grows! Practice this stretch to help maintain as much mobility as possible. You will start on all fours, raise one arm up and rotate towards that side, then on your exhale bring that arm through your arm and leg and relax into that stretch. Repeat on the other side.

3. Exercise Ball Glute Dip for Pregnancy Low Back Pain

Utilize your exercise ball to stretch your lower back during pregnancy! This pregnancy stretch targets the piriformis and other glute muscles that are often connected to back pain. Stretching this area reduces tension in the pelvis. If you're noticing that pain travels from your low back into your glutes or back of the leg, try our Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief. Start by resting on the ball and sit back into one side and feel the stretch in your glute!

Pregnancy glute stretch with ball

4. Exercise Ball Low Back Decompression

Another exercise ball stretch for pregnancy! This back stretch encourages length and extension throughout the spine and helps 'decompress'. When we decompress our spine, we are relieving pressure from the disc that sit in between our spinal segments which can ease pain. Start by sitting on the ball and then sink down till your back is supported on the ball. Then raise your arms overhead to get extension in your upper back.

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5. Hip Flexor Stretch

One of our favorite pregnancy stretches for lower back pain. This stretch focuses on lengthening the iliopsoas muscle. The iliopsoas muscle controls hip flexion and anterior pelvic tilt. It attaches to every bony segment in the low back and naturally becomes tight with the posture changes that occur during pregnancy. Start by kneeling on one leg and then sink into your back hip. Next, sink into your back hip and relax into this position. Then take the same arm as your back leg and place it on your knee, push back, and extend through your spine and look overtop of your shoulder to intensify the stretch.

6. Seated Wall Sit for Pregnancy Low Back Pain

Another option to stretch the glute muscles uses a wall for support! Use the wall to support your back while places your legs into a figure four. For more, you can add rotation into this stretch! Sit back against the wall and place your leg overtop of the other one and pull your knee into your chest. 

Need More For Low Back Pain Relief ?

Stretching during pregnancy is great and it should FEEL GOOD. Beyond stretching, look at our pregnancy-safe products for low back pain relief! We recommend these products to pregnant patients everyday. 

ALSO....The stretches and exercises on this page are just a glimpse into all the resources we have for you to feel better! Not sure where to look next? Clicking the image below or CLICKING HERE. You will find something that works for you and your body!!

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