Rib Pain

Rib Pain
Rib pain during pregnancy is very uncomfortable and can cause that burning sensation wrapping around to the front. That pesky upper back tension, and it can cause diaphragm tightness leading to heartburn!

Rib Pain During Pregnancy:

Throughout your pregnancy your ribs actually expand up and out about 50% of your normal size of your rib cage. Your body needs to create room for babe to grow and to make sure your organs have enough room to function optimally. When you develop that rib pain and tension in the area it can be difficult to find relief. Chiropractic care can be your ticket for pain reduction in the upper body during pregnancy!

** Rib pain relief is all about incorporating thoracic extension ** 

Row Activation

From a standing position or a seated position, start with your arms out in front of you and pull your elbows back and try and squeeze your elbows back to engage your back muscles.

Goal Post Using Pilates Ball Stretch

Either laying on your back or pressing into the wall, take the pilates ball between your shoulder blades. Then, bring your elbows up to 90 degrees and let your arms fall beside you. This helps to stretch out the front of your shoulders and chest.

Thoracic Extension Mobilization

Using an exercise ball or the edge of the furniture have your arms around shoulder height, push your chest down to the floor, and sit back into your butt to create compression in your thoracic spine pushing your rib heads back into place.

Door Frame Chest Stretch

Hold your arm up at 90 degrees, and have your elbow placed on the door. Then, push your chest forward to get a really nice stretch on the front of your body.

Need More for Rib + Diaphragm Pain?

Especially in those few months, it feels like the rib and diaphragm pain will never go away, but it can! Although you cannot prevent the ribcage from expanding, you can expand into all the resources we have for your rib and diaphragm; click the image below for a direct link. 

Pregnancy chiropractor massages diaphragm on pregnant patient with rib pain.

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Rib pain can also impact your neck tension - check out our upper back / neck stretches for relief in this area!

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