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Rib Pain Stretches

Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
** Rib pain relief is all about incorporating thoracic extension ** 
1. Goal Post : standing or seated, extend backwards with your arms in a ‘goal post’ position
2. Interlace Fingers: interlace fingers behind your back with shoulders rolled down and back from your ears. 
3. Tennis ball Release: using a tennis ball against a wall, roll over any tender spots. Feel free to reach across your body in order to get your shoulder blade out of the way
4. Foam roll release:
— Use the foam roller vertical similar to the tennis ball technique to roll side-to-side over tender spots
— Use the foam roller horizontally to roll up and down through the mid back and create movement
5. Side body stretch: while on your knees, use a chair, sofa, or exercise ball to reach your arms in front of you. Sit back on your feet to stretch through your entire side body. For a deeper stretch reach arms toward one side and sit back towards to opposite. 
6. Pec stretch: bend your shoulder and elbow to 90 degrees and use a doorway or wall to stretch the front aspect of your shoulder girdle. 

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