Neck and Upper Back Pain

Neck and Upper Back Pain
Have a kink in your neck?
During pregnancy, neck and upper back pain is tough because of limited sleeping positions and reduced range of motion as you progress throughout pregnancy! Try these stretches below to help relieve that tension throughout your upper body!

Prolonged upper back and neck pain can cause torticollis. This means that the muscles have gotten so tight that they refuse to move in the ways you want them to!

How To Get The Kink Out Of Your Neck :  

Trapezius Lift & Row Stretch

Using a wall, have your arms up, pull your shoulder blades down, and lift your arms away from the wall. Then, take your arms back to the wall and pull your elbows down and back to engage your lower trapezius muscles. Making sure to squeeze your shoulder blades back together with both the lift and row!

Door Frame Chest Stretch / Wall Stretch

Holding your arm up at 90 degrees. Then, place your elbow on the wall and  push your chest forward to get a stretch on the front of your body.

Upper Trap Stretch

Place one arm behind your back and tilt your head away from that arm. Then, using your free hand to guide your head down to the oppsite side to get a really nice upper trap stretch.

Front Neck Stretch

Hold your clavicle in the front by gently dragging down and then tilt your head back and to the opposite side you are stretching. This stretches helps to get more range of motion with neck extension!

Double Chin Activation

Using a wall at home gently guide the lower part of your head against the wall and give yourself a double chin. This activates the stabilizer muscles of your neck creating stability in the area.

Pilates Ball Upper Back Stretch

When you lay carefully onto the floor, place your pilates ball between your shoulder blades. Then, take your arms into a goal post position and let your arms hang, stretching the front of your chest.

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