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Posted by Jesse Lillejord on
At Chiro for Moms today, we're talking remedies for shoulder pain. Everything about this means bringing your shoulders back. You will want to get on a wall or doorway. Place your arm at 90 degrees and lean into the stretch. You can move it up or down the wall but keep it at that 90 degree angle. The other thing you can do is grab a ball and put it into the corner below your arm and lean into the wall or floor and move into a motion up towards the ceiling - this is a part of your rotator cuff. The next thing you can do is hop on an exercise ball. You will be truncationing through those joint spaces and opening all of your shoulder muscles - stretching the muscle tissues and creating space. This is incredible for that forward pull. Lastly, you can grab a styrofoam roller. Lay down and place it between your shoulder blades and open your arms up! Hope these are helpful for your shoulder pain. 

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