Shoulder Pain During Pregnancy

Shoulder Pain During Pregnancy
Shoulder pain during pregnancy typically presents itself in months 8 and 9 because the ribs are expanding up and out about 50% while babe is growing! When the ribs expand out, the shoulders start to adjust in other ways and that can lead to shoulder pain and tightness. Postpartum is also a common time for shoulder pain to present, with all the carrying, holding, and multitasking new mothers do! By stretching out the rotator cuff muscles [ the muscles that control the shoulder ] you will help to get rid of that pain!

Shoulder Exercises To Help With Your Pain

Tennis Ball Smash

Take your tennis ball and smash it in your armpit! By doing so you are loosening up muscles that hold your arms down and it will be easier to move them through their full range of motion. This will help with your shoulder pain during pregnancy!

Tennis Ball Smash x2

Next, take the tennis ball and place it on your back near your shoulder blade! You will then bring your arm across your body to create compression and a stretch through your rhomboid muscles [ part of your rotator cuff ]. Or you can leav the tennis ball in one area and roll up and down on top of those trigger points!

Foam Roller Opener / Pilates Ball Opener

For a really great chest opener exercise for shoulder pain, take your foam roller [ or pilates ball ] and place it between your shoulder blades and relax into this position. Keeping your arms up at 90 degrees and letting them fall open will help to decrease tension in the front side of your shoulders. ** Disclaimer: If you are pregnant, make sure you are being careful coming down to the floor and only laying here for approximately 30 seconds to maximum 1 minute ** 

Exercise Ball Extension

For a lesser intense extension in your upper body, lay on your exercise ball! This helps with elevation of your body which means  it might be more comfortable if you are pregnant! Start by sitting on your ball and lower your body so that your upper back is on the ball. Then, take your arms into that goal post position and let them relax.

90 Degree Arm Stretch | Doorframe Stretch

This is a game changer for shoulder pain! This targets the front of your chest and allows you to focus in on the specific location you are feeling the tightness. Start by having your arm up against the wall at 90 degrees. Then, lunge forward / lean forward so that you get a stretch in your chest. This will feel amazing!

Upper Trap Stretch

Shoulder pain generally leads to neck tension. By stretching your upper traps you are helping to alleviate any pain in all areas. Start by holding your one arm behind your back. Then, take your head to the opposite side and you can overpressure with your free hand to intensify the stretch.

For More Information

Check out our complete library of stretches and exercises [ videos, of course! ] by clicking the image below! This blog is just the start to get that mommy arm under control. 

Pregnant woman doing a side body stretch for shoulder pain

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